Avoid Analysis Paralysis: Evaluate Build vs. Buy for WebRTC Monitoring

Based on a five year total cost of ownership (TCO) analysis, we found the callstats.io SaaS monitoring service yields a better value than building your own WebRTC monitoring solution. The paper reviews the details behind our TCO analysis and the companion TCO calculator provides a template you can use to perform your own study.

The paper will help you:

  • Compare the costs to build a WebRTC monitoring solution vs buying the callstats.io service

  • Identify the software development, test and support resources you’ll need to hire, along with typical costs

  • Plan for ongoing operations expenses and costs

  • Think through potential opportunity costs and risks

The companion TCO calculator in Microsoft Excel format features:

  • Default values for up-front development costs and ongoing operations expenses make it easy to get started
  • Your analysis can be customized using the worksheet (tab) to enter cost and labor assumptions.

  • You can extend the tool to add more detail or specificity



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