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The WebRTC Working Group met this week to discuss the evolution of the WebRTC v1.0 spec based on emerging use-cases and developer feedback on the current API. In this blog post, we look to discuss the evolution of the WebRTC ICE API.

By: Varun Singh, Alexandrea Mellen,

One of the most common help center questions we receive to our support mailing list is concerning our REST API. When our customers look to integrate with the REST API, the authentication process can be far from trivial, especially for a new or inexperienced user. In this post, we explain our process for helping customers resolve their most common questions.

By: Alejandra Soni,

The adoption of WebRTC in real-time communication is growing at an exponential rate, which makes WebRTC monitoring inevitable. To make sure WebRTC calls are at the best possible quality, developers can get started with the current standard for WebRTC statistics by using the getStats() API , a real-time Statistics API.

By: Pallab Gain, Binoy Chemmagate, Karthik BR, Varun Singh, Pua Sze Yuen,

Delay is an important networking metric that can have a major impact on the user experience. This infographic explains the four key components that make up the total delay in a network.

By: Alexandrea Mellen,

High-quality media systems are enabling completely immersive real-time experiences. Media systems can provide deeply engaging adventures that excite and stimulate. In this post, we explain how we help developers on any size team build the next generation of effective, effortless real-time communication products.

By: Varun Singh, Alexandrea Mellen,

At, we use Prometheus for a number of developer-related tasks. It’s a hugely important tool for us that gets used by most every member of our engineering team. Read on to learn more about what we use it for and why.

By: Andrei Golovkov,

Quality of Experience is a very subjective topic, and has somehow eluded a proper definition for many years. In this post, we weed through the information out there to help break down and explain its definition.

By: Martin Varela,

WebRTC data channels have various interesting use cases, several of which are outlined in our WebRTC Metrics Reports. This infographic outlines five different use cases for WebRTC, as well as short explanations of how WebRTC benefits them.

By: Alexandrea Mellen,

When online education platforms consistently have issues with a percentage of their calls, it can be a huge problem. The online education space is a very competitive field that already has a lot of players, so companies in this space try to make learning as seamless and smooth as possible. In this post, we delve into the ways we help online education platforms resolve their call issues.

By: Anton Chernenko,

Lots of people are interested in working with WebRTC, but not everyone knows where to get the best resources to learn more. There are so many resources available, it can be overwhelming to identify the best one or the right one for you. Check out this blog post to figure out how you can best learn about WebRTC.

By: Alexandrea Mellen,

Peer-to-peer communication is lauded for the security it brings due to the implicit trust between peers. What happens when this communication stops being directly peer-to-peer and an intermediary is introduced?

By: Alexandrea Mellen, Varun Singh,

We are very excited to announce the release of our latest white paper: Emerging RTC Use Cases: Innovative and Vertical-Market Use Cases of Voice/Video Real-Time Communications, prepared by Disruptive Analysis. This white paper delves into voice and video communications, and highlights new uses for real-time communications, especially interactive experiences.

By: Alexandrea Mellen,

At, we are happy that WebRTC is used by developers to create impactful products in many popular areas - including remote work. Read on to find out how.

By: Alexandrea Mellen,

Real-time speech analytics has become an essential part of customer support and sales. It permits organizations to have deeper insights into customer interactions and direct conversation flows to be as productive as possible. Check out our infographic on the cost-saving benefits of using real-time speech analytics.

By: Alexandrea Mellen,

For many companies just exploring voice and video, knowing which platform to use in building out their services can be a daunting task. Finding the right balance of control, specialization, and cost can be difficult, especially with a market of extensive platforms. This blog post delves into several voice and video platforms to help you understand which gives you the most control.

By: Alexandrea Mellen,