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Last month, we published, The Future of WebRTC: Innovative Use Cases of Real-time Audio and Video Communications. This infographic explains the emerging use cases of real-time communications.

By: Alexandrea Mellen,

As with most software-as-a-service companies today, the sheer amount of data passed through our systems is huge. A proper monitoring system that is used effectively by the engineering team is crucial. Take a look into how we use Prometheus to monitor a significant amount of data.

By: Marcin Nagy, Shaohong Li,

What is the Secure Real-time Transport Protocol? Check out our helpful infographic for an explanation.

By: Alexandrea Mellen,

The WebRTC Working Group held an interim meeting last month from June 19th to the 20th to discuss the future of WebRTC. In this article, we look to the future to discuss the possible evolution of WebRTC as a whole.

By: Varun Singh, Alexandrea Mellen,

This helpful infographic presents insights into the growing number of WebRTC deployments based on our 2018/01 WebRTC Metrics Report. This includes statistics from intercontinental and intracontinental WebRTC sessions, media quality, audio and video quality, frame resolutions, and more.

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Small companies and teams in the early stages need to build a dependable product. At, we have a free developer plan built just for those companies, so they can have peace of mind while building out their MVP.

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Last week, we attended and sponsored CommCon 2018, the UK’s only open-source, real-time communications conference. Check out our thoughts on the best parts of this exciting conference.

By: Varun Singh, Binoy Chemmagate,

Snowflake is a proposal to improve the flexibility of the ICE protocol. Read on to see how it extends and enhances ICE.

By: Varun Singh, Alexandrea Mellen,

We asked you, listened to your feedback and today we are excited to announce the launch of Home, a new and completely redesigned homepage to help you and your team track issues related to the quality of experience in your real-time communication application and product. What that means is you and your team are able to stay informed and more organized when managing and prioritizing your features and conference issues.

By: Surath Chatterji, Juho Heikkilä, Pua Sze Yuen, Alejandra Soni,

We use Prometheus to give us visibility into our artificial intelligence algorithms performance. It helps us by providing helpful insights into our processes, as well as providing our engineering team with a system for accountability.

By: Navid Khajehzadeh,

The next issue of our reference guide for WebRTC metrics is now available! Check it out for some intriguing insights into the most recent WebRTC metrics of 2018.

By: Varun Singh, Alexandrea Mellen, Lennart Schulte, Martin Varela,

What is the Real-time Transport Protocol? Check out our helpful, easy infographic for an explanation.

By: Alexandrea Mellen,

The WebRTC Working Group met this week to discuss the evolution of the WebRTC v1.0 spec based on emerging use-cases and developer feedback on the current API. In this blog post, we look to discuss the evolution of the WebRTC ICE API.

By: Varun Singh, Alexandrea Mellen,

One of the most common help center questions we receive to our support mailing list is concerning our REST API. When our customers look to integrate with the REST API, the authentication process can be far from trivial, especially for a new or inexperienced user. In this post, we explain our process for helping customers resolve their most common questions.

By: Alejandra Soni,

The adoption of WebRTC in real-time communication is growing at an exponential rate, which makes WebRTC monitoring inevitable. To make sure WebRTC calls are at the best possible quality, developers can get started with the current standard for WebRTC statistics by using the getStats() API , a real-time Statistics API.

By: Pallab Gain, Binoy Chemmagate, Karthik BR, Varun Singh, Pua Sze Yuen,