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Our team is presenting a research paper on Forward Error Correction (FEC) based rate control algorithm, it extends on our previous work in the area. The results show promising results in competing with TCP.

By: Balázs Kreith, Varun Singh, Jörg Ott, is pre-integrated with the Atlassian owned Jitsi’s installation package. The integration is a big enabler with over 100+ products using with Jitsi-based conferencing systems. We spoke with founder Emil Ivov to get his thoughts on

By: Charlotta Liukas,

More integrations coming in, this time for the popular Twilio Video JS ilbrary. Thanks to the Nimble Ape team for creating the shim.

By: Karthik BR,

Here’s a much awaited opentok.js integration with Thanks to the team at WebRTC.Ventures for developing and open sourcing it.

By: Karthik BR, Charlotta Liukas,

Download our new WebRTC Metrics Report discussing metrics sampled across all apps and services using Stats on operating systems, set up time, comparison of peer-to-peer (mesh) with bridge (star) topologies, and more.

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We’ve recently introduced Weekly App Stats, an email report that summarises your app’s performance over the week. You can follow your app trends and stay alert, all from the convenience of your email inbox.

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As we’re getting ready to celebrate’s 4th code anniversary on September 1st, it seems apt to take time to reflect back on the past three years and share stories from the road.

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