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Our real-time communications champion spotlight series shines a light on respected, expert members of the real-time communication industry. These individuals come from all different backgrounds and have experienced their own striking challenges and successes in the real-time communications space. Each has a unique story to tell.

By: Alexandrea Mellen,

Remote work is becoming more and more prevalent as video and audio quality continues to improve. Team collaboration tools are being used in abundance by teams working remotely and in the office for business meetings. In order to empower this kind of virtual interaction, many companies and individuals are working to improve video quality through artificial intelligence-enabled features.

By: Alexandrea Mellen,

Last week, we updated our discover page to include Top 5 metrics and extended the distribution of existing metrics. Our goal: to help our customers identify problems at a quick glance. Read this post and see what this means for your WebRTC product.

By: Olli Loukojärvi, Arttu Tervo, Binoy Chemmagate,

The entertainment space, specifically modern games, is changing and expanding at an impressive rate. The newest, coolest game is dramatically sought after, whether it involves virtual reality, augmented reality, or mixed reality. Read this blog post to understand the market and where WebRTC and real-time communications are making the difference.

By: Alexandrea Mellen,

The software industry is becoming obsessed with artificial intelligence. It’s spreading into every new product and service that is released. Check out this infographic for interesting facts about where artificial intelligence is headed.

By: Alexandrea Mellen,

Two months ago, we published a white paper on the future of WebRTC in conjunction with Disruptive Analysis. This paper drilled down into some of the innovative use cases of real-time audio and video communications. As a followup to this paper, we met with Dean Bubley of Disruptive Analysis to talk about the future of real-time communications. Listen to the podcast here.

By: Alexandrea Mellen, Varun Singh,

There has been explosive growth in the one-way conversational device industry. Millions of people want a digital assistant to help them with their daily activities at home or in the office. Read on to see how one-way conversational devices use real-time communication and WebRTC to provide an amazing connection to the user.

By: Alexandrea Mellen,

This past Friday, our CEO, Varun Singh, and our Product Manager, Binoy Chemmagate, met with Visions Under Construction to discuss new use cases for real-time communications. Check out their thoughts on the podcast!

By: Varun Singh, Binoy Chemmagate,

An ongoing conversation in the telecommunications industry is how to resolve the issue of operating and maintaining networks. A bold, but intriguing solution to this problem is the implementation of self-driving networks. Read on to learn more about what self driving networks are and how they can be used to resolve this issue.

By: Varun Singh, Alexandrea Mellen,

Team collaboration is evolving thanks to real-time communications through WebRTC. We are seeing widespread adoption of WebRTC to aid the enterprise-level team collaboration space. Check out this post in our series on WebRTC verticals for more information on how WebRTC is used in team collaboration tools, what the market looks like according to Gartner, and where it is headed.

By: Alexandrea Mellen,

Last week, we attended ClueCon 2018, a technology conference for developers, by developers on all things real-time communications. Check out our insights on this years great conference.

By: Alexandrea Mellen,

I began working at as a frontend engineering intern two months ago. In that time, I’ve contributed to several projects that have impacted many customers. This post goes over some of my experiences.

By: Olli Loukojärvi,

Real-time communications through WebRTC has a few key verticals that have helped it gain significant traction over the past seven years. Now, even more compelling verticals are emerging. This series uses market research to take a look at many of the current and future verticals WebRTC is impacting.

By: Alexandrea Mellen,

The internet of things is huge right now. Where is it headed? What is the future of IoT? Take a look at our infographic to understand what exactly the internet of things is and some intriguing statistics on where it is headed.

By: Alexandrea Mellen,

Last week, our CEO Varun Singh met with Telecom Resellers leading up to ClueCon 2018. They had an exciting conversation about artificial intelligence in real-time communications. Read on and check out the link for more information.

By: Varun Singh, Alexandrea Mellen, Carl Blume,