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We talked to EF about the process of adopting WebRTC and how helps in decision making. Read how has helped them on their WebRTC journey.

By: Lasse Lumiaho, Charlotta Liukas,

We are introducing user roles to the app level. You can enable or disable access to apps and assign different roles for each user per app.

By: Lasse Lumiaho, Sten Hägglund,

We strive to make employees feel welcome, and we value their contributions. In the first few weeks, we make sure they’re working on the product or project they were hired for. Within a short time, we hope our new hires feel they made the right move. Three of our most recent sales and marketing hires share their impressions about working at

By: Lasse Lumiaho,

In this 2nd issue of WebRTC industry reports we go through endpoint statistics, failure metrics, transport metrics, network and media metrics.

By: Lasse Lumiaho, Varun Singh, Marcin Nagy, Lennart Schulte,

Arttu, Balázs and Lennart tell their expectations before they started to work at They are off to a good start: experiences from the first days and first commits have been made at

By: Charlotta Liukas,

Update to the organizations feature we released last month. We added admin and member with billing access to the user roles in our dashboard.

By: Lasse Lumiaho, Sten Hägglund,

Callstats.js version 3.19.3 is now live with React Native support using the react-native-callstats module. We have also updated our WebRTC demo app to work with React Native.

By: Lasse Lumiaho, Karthik BR,