RTC Conference: COVID-19 and Video: Call Quality and Scalability From the Trenches

Oct 2020

CommCon: Impact of media quality during shelter in place.

Jul 2020

WebRTC Live #44: "Shelter in Place on Video App Networking Quality"

Jun 2020

RTC Conference: How and Why Quality Impacts Productivity Call Center

Oct 2019

WebRTC Live #33 - "Contact Center Quality & callstats Update"

Sep 2019

AllThingsRTC - Finding Hidden Call Quality Issues with Machine Learning

Jun 2019

CommCon: Applying Machine Learning to Optimize End-to-end RTC Networks

July 2019

CommCon: How Active WebRTC Connectivity Tests Are Improving User Experiences

July 2019

WebRTC Boston - Using WebRTC Metrics to Evaluate Optimal Network Topologies

February 2019

Kranky Geek - Applying Machine Learning to optimize end-to-end WebRTC Networks

Nov 2018

RTC Conference - Lessons learnt from Measuring Media Quality at Web Scale

Oct 2018

CommCon - Lessons learnt and WebRTC metrics from running callstats.io

March 2018

Modern CTO - Interview with Varun Singh from callstats.io

March 2018

AllThingsRTC - QUIC and WebRTC

Interview, Nov 2017

ClueCon Weekly: callstats update

Webinar, A 2017

AllThingsRTC Interview

Webinar, June 2017

Kranky Geek WebRTC Event

São Paulo, Brazil, November 2016

Twilio Signal

San Francisco, USA, May 2016

VoIP Users Conference (VUC #552)

Webinar, August 2015

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Webinar, July 2016


Berlin, Germany, July 2016

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Yokohama, Japan, November 2015

Mobile World Congress

Barcelona, Spain, March 2015