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Service Provider Call Quality Solution

Our WebRTC monitoring and analytics solution delivers insights that improve customer experience and streamline operations


Optimize Services

Keeping pace with service growth and shifting user demands is an endless challenge. Developers are continuously adding features, engineers are optimizing capacity to meet demand and product managers are constantly analyzing and adjusting offers. These ongoing changes can make it difficult to consistently deliver quality customer experiences. 

Our solution helps you optimize your network while ensuring users receive high quality services. We provide a comprehensive call monitoring dataset that gives all departments a consistent view of service performance. It enables developers to easily validate features before putting them into production; Engineers can evaluate the effect of infrastructure optimizations on quality of experience; Product managers can analyze usage trends.

Our WebRTC data and analytics increase service agility while ensuring quality service delivery. 


Troubleshoot Problems

Communications sessions travel a complex path through multiple networks and devices to reach the participants, any one of which can cause problems. For example, impairments such as connection failures, distorted audio or pixelated video can be caused by problems on your network, a 3rd party service, or the customer's environment. Regardless of the cause, customers want the problem fixed - fast!

Our solution is specifically designed to quickly diagnose and resolve WebRTC communications problems. We monitor your service from end-to-end in real-time and automatically detect when trouble occurs. We use AI-driven algorithms to isolate the problem and identify a root cause, enabling you to rapidly resolve the issue. You spend less time troubleshooting and customers have better experiences. 


Validate Endpoint Connections

Putting live communications traffic on an untested network doesn't always yield a good customer experience. Application loads, network congestion and connectivity problems can prevent an endpoint from delivering a high quality WebRTC session. 

Our WebRTC test solution helps you validate an endpoint's network connection and avoid poor experiences. We use synthetic WebRTC traffic to test the endpoint device and network connection. The test can be integrated into your application, enabling you to deliver a visual quality indicator that the customer can use to manage their own experience. You spend less time managing issues and customers are happier.

The test is also a powerful diagnostic tool your support teams can use to troubleshoot problems. Results complement live call monitoring metrics displayed in our dashboard, giving you additional insights that can help resolve issues. 


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