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Call Quality Solution for Application Developers

Delight your users with first class voice, video and screen sharing experiences


Assure Application Quality

Developers in the online gaming, distance learning, tele-health, virtual reality and other industries are leveraging WebRTC to deliver high quality communications services to their users. However, they face challenges integrating an array of communications infrastructure with their application to create and deliver reliable real-time voice, video and screen sharing services.

Our solution enables developers to assure the quality of their communications services. You can easily test entire applications and new features in existing applications, prior to deployment. We enable you to measure and compare the quality of service and quickly identify errors in the infrastructure. High quality communications services will delight your users.  


Troubleshoot User Problems

It's challenging to manage the many variables involved in delivering an excellent communications experience. Impairments such as connection failures, distorted audio or pixelated video can be caused by problems occurring on your network, a 3rd party service, or the user's environment. Regardless, users expect you to solve the problem. 

Our solution is specifically designed to quickly diagnose and resolve WebRTC communications problems. We monitor your service from end-to-end in real-time and automatically detect when trouble occurs. We use AI-driven algorithms to isolate the problem and identify a root cause, enabling you to rapidly resolve the issue. You spend less time troubleshooting and users have better experiences. 


Optimize Services

Keeping pace with application growth and shifting user demands is an endless challenge. Developers need to continuously add features, engineers need to ensure capacity is optimized to meet demand and the entire organization needs to ensure the changes they make don't impair the quality of experience. 

Our solution gives all your teams the tools they need to optimize your communications services while ensuring customers receive high quality experiences. We provide a comprehensive call monitoring dataset that enables developers to easily validate features before putting them into production. Engineers use our solution to analyze infrastructure performance and evaluate the effect of infrastructure optimizations on quality of experience.

Our WebRTC data and analytics increase application agility while helping to maintain quality service delivery. 


Easy Application Integration

It's easy to integrate into your app. You can leverage any of the leading SDKs and CPaaS services that are already integrated, or integrate the libraries. Our libraries support Android and iOS mobile devices, plus browser-based endpoints.