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WebRTC Monitoring

Get the visibility and insights you need to deliver high quality user experiences


Monitoring Features

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Comprehensive Call Metrics

You can't solve problems or optimize quality without detailed data.

Our solution captures up to 500 metrics from each monitored endpoint and infrastructure element every few seconds. We aggregate and store the data for rapid analysis. Histograms enable you to analyze performance over time.

  • Complete transport metrics: Round trip time, jitter, throughput and loss
  • Endpoint configuration: OS, browser, application version
  • Network information: Geographic location, IP address, ISP
  • STUN/TURN/ICE negotiation and SDP signaling messages
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Key Performance Indicators

Track the health and performance of your communications service at-a-glance.

The home screen displays KPIs you can use to assess the current health of your communications service, as well as recent trends. KPIs are based on an aggregation of metrics for all calls, providing a service-level view of your network's performance. 

  • Distribution of calls (successful, partially or totally failed) and call duration
  • eMOS call quality scores and user feedback ratings
  • Anomalies detected by our AI-driven analytics
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eMOS Call Quality Metric

Measure the quality of user experiences in real time to understand service performance.

Extended Mean Opinion Scores (eMOS) values are calculated continuously throughout each call to give you a complete picture of call quality over time. We aggregate values for each call to provide a service-level view and you can drill-down to evaluate individual calls or even a specific media stream.

  • Measures quality for WebRTC voice and video
  • Captures spontaneous and intermittent quality variations 
  • Accurately aggregates values for multi-party calls 
  • Aggregation at multiple levels - service, call and media stream

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Call history

Call History Database

Look backwards in time to quickly debug problems.

The metrics for every call are stored in a secure, partitioned database for rapid analysis. Calls with failures are automatically identified, along with their failure condition, for rapid troubleshooting.

  • Search by unique identifier: User ID, Call ID
  • Filter using a wide range of criteria, including time interval, site ID and many contact center attributes
  • Automatically identifies 6 types of call failure conditions
Call history

Powerful Visualization

Quickly develop important insights and identify trouble spots.

We make it easy for you to quickly analyze data at any level of aggregation, from macro-level service metrics to detailed call data. Our solution visualizes data using intuitive histograms and distributions that help you work efficiently.

  • Analyze utilization metrics (users/time interval, call duration, number of users per call, etc.)
  • Event timeline visualizes the life of a call, with detail by participant
  • Correlate agent state with call data in contact centers
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Real Time Notifications

Eliminate the time lag between when a problem occurs and your team becomes aware of it.

Most support teams learn about communications problems from user complaints, which puts them in a tight spot. Our solution gives you a head start by proactively notifying you over the channel of your choice.

  • Triggered when metrics cross configurable thresholds
  • Webhook sends notices to any channel (Slack, SMS, etc.)
  • Call detail can be sent with any notification
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User feedback page

Informative User Feedback

Direct end-user feedback complements quantitative metrics.

We collect, aggregate and report ratings and qualitative feedback received from the end-users of your service. This valuable information source augments our eMOS data and helps you better understand the quality of user experiences.

  • Measure post-call ratings
  • Capture text-based experience reports
User feedback page

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