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Contact Center Operations

Improve Customer Experiences and Productivity

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Contact Center Operations Features

Agent Availability Graph Percentage

Productivity Metrics

A complete set of key performance indicators enable you to optimize productivity.

Our solution combines WebRTC and agent activity metrics to present a complete view of what is happening in your Amazon Connect contact center. This single pane of glass helps you correlate communications issues with agent activity and enables you to quickly triage and resolve issues. 

  • Track KPIs: Active agents, calls/agent, call duration, ringing time
  • Monitor agent state distribution
  • Analyze agent availability trends over any time interval
Agent Availability Graph Percentage
Contact center mode queues analysis

Detect WebRTC Issues

Identify and troubleshoot call quality issues affecting specific queues.

When call failures occur, you need to quickly determine who is affected. We correlate call status metrics with each queue and present a distribution that enables you to quickly identify when a queue is behaving abnormally. 

  • Distribution of calls (successful or failed)
  • Notifications tell you when mission critical queues are misbehaving
Contact center mode queues analysis
Contact center mode failed calls distribution

Analyze Call Distributions

Keep tabs on call activity with granular call distribution analysis.

Our solution visualizes call activity metrics, enabling you to quickly spot trends and anomalies. You can configure the time interval presented. 

  • Distribution of calls by completion status (missed call agent, failed connect agent, failed connect customer)
  • Inbound/outbound call distribution
Contact center mode failed calls distribution

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