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Best quality – always and everywhere

Optimal audio and video quality for WebRTC

Since the inception of, we have been on a quest to help our customers provide best possible audio and video quality in their WebRTC services.

Using artificial intelligence algorithms, Optimize provides media and network settings that deliver optimal audio and video quality for each device, connection, media and network setup. We are leveraging our data from millions of conferences to bring optimal audio and video quality to every interaction.

WebRTC AI that learns

Optimize comes with monitoring built-in. We monitor each conference to feed our AI algorithm with fresh data, which automatically adjusts settings where needed. Hence, real-time monitoring ensures changing conditions are always met with appropriate settings. Optimize has three main parts to it.

Media Quality Model

Optimize estimates media quality for conferences of all sizes. Estimating media quality is a complex problem and depends on many dynamic factors. Objective Quality uses AI and ML algorithms to model the Quality of Experience. Read our vision for measuring media quality and our latest version (OQv3).

Optimal Configs

Optimize automatically fixes common issues affecting media quality in a call. The best way to solve a problem is to make sure the customer never sees it. Optimize estimates call quality before and during a call by serving new configurations to, for example, changing network conditions.

Anomaly Detection

Optimize automatically highlights insights from the data that might have gone unnoticed by the company. By using Optimize, developers spend less time creating hypotheses and looking for answers for their service. Instead, they can focus on solving the emergent problems highlighted by Optimize.

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