JaaS Video APIs

8x8 Jitsi as a Service (JaaS), World's easiest way to add meetings to your web and mobile apps. JaaS delivers a comprehensive solution for adding high quality voice, video, and analytics capabilities to enterprise applications. The solution already embeds callstats.io's passive monitoring capabilities as part of its JaaS Analytics tool. However, if you want to use your own callstats.io account and not rely on the 8x8 JaaS Analytics tool (e.g. to benefit from your callstats.io enterprise features) you can override the 8x8 JaaS credentials.

Integration steps

If you are looking for instructions for the self-hosted Jitsi, go to the dedicated integration page.

These instructions only apply when overriding JaaS analytics with callstats because you want to use callstats' premium features (e.g., smart connectivity tests, etc). For standard version, you can continue using the inbuilt callstats on JaaS Analytics.

JaaS allows you to customise the UI and other aspects controlled by the config.js script through the configOverwrite objects that are part of the JitsiMeetExternalAPI's options object.

To use your callstats.io account, simply provide your credentials with the *configOverwrite* object when JitsiMeetExternalAPI is being instantiated:

const domain = '8x8.vc';
const options = {
configOverwrite: {callStatsID: "******", callStatsSecret: "******"},
const api = new JitsiMeetExternalAPI(domain, options);

Follow these steps to integrate:

  1. Create an account with callstats.io.
  2. Update the JitsiMeetExternalAPI's options with callStatsID (AppID) and callStatsSecret (AppSecret).
  3. Redeploy your app

You are all set and your endpoints are now being monitored. All the data collected by callstats.io will be sent to your account dashboard and you will be getting access to it in accordance with your callstats.io account type.