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Tap into end-user feedback

Your end-users can report their perceived quality of experience. We collect, aggregate, and visualize the Mean Opinion Scores (MOS) on the dashboard.

user feedback

Track duration metrics

You can track the average conference duration and setup delay. A variation in these metrics indicates the usability of your service deployment.

Track duration metrics

Track failures and errors

A WebRTC session will invariably experience failures and errors. Our dashboard lists them, so that you can quickly identify the most common issues.

Failed Connections


Be proactive, will send notification to a channel of your choosing, for example, Slack, Hipchat, or via SMS. The notifications are delivered via Webhooks, you can connect them to pretty much any service.

slack notif

Conference-level metrics

You can look at the any conference and check the metrics for each user. In every conference, you will see the participant information, user event timeline, and connections details. You can also look at various network and media metrics, for example, how latency changed for each user at different moments of the conference.

Conference Level Metrics
auto diagnotics

Automatic diagnosis

We record dozens of metrics from each WebRTC conference. Going through all those metrics manually would be a very laboruous task. To save your effort, each conference page contains an automatic diagnosis, which gives you a quick overview of the most significant annoyances for the users in that particular conference.

Event timeline

Event timeline visualizes various end-user and media events. User presence () in the conference and possible connection disruptions (). The timeline also shows if the users muted or unmuted audio (), or paused or unpaused video (). We also show who is the dominant speaker () in the conference.

event timeline
Bridge Metrics

Bridge metrics

If you have deployed a conference server, we have your back covered. You can see relevant metrics for each conference server that you are running. See details here.

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