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Tap into end-user feedback

Understand how end-users are experiencing your communications service. We collect, aggregate and report the perceived quality of experience after each call using a Mean Opinion Score (MOS), enabling you to confidently know your WebRTC performance over time.

WebRTC user feedback

Track duration metrics

Track duration and setup delay metrics which may indicate a change in the usability of your service.

Track WebRTC duration metrics

Track failures and errors

Complete elimination of WebRTC failures and errors may be impractical, but with our dashboard, you can quickly identify and address the most common issues.

WebRTC Failed Connections


To be proactive, will send notifications to a channel of your choosing (ex. Slack, Hipchat, SMS). The notifications are delivered via Webhooks, which you can connect to pretty much any service.

WebRTC slack notifications

Call-level metrics

Look at the any call and check the WebRTC metrics for each user. In every call, you will see the participant information, user event timeline, and connections details. You can also look at various network and media metrics, for example, such as how latency changed for each user at different moments of the call.

Conference Level Metrics
WebRTC auto diagnostics

Automatic diagnosis

Instead of manually shuffling through dozens of metrics, get an automatic diagnosis and overview of the annoyances for each call. This lets you focus on addressing the most important issues for users in a particular call.

Visual event timeline

The event timeline visualizes various end-user and media events. User presence () in the call and possible connection disruptions (). The timeline also shows if the users muted or unmuted audio (), or paused or unpaused video (). We also show who is the dominant speaker () in the call.

WebRTC Conference event timeline
WebRTC Bridge Metrics

Bridge metrics

If you have a deployed media server, we have you covered with relevant metrics for each server you are running. See more details here.

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