Retain customers!

Retain your customers. A top-down approach to WebRTC and Video Conferencing Monitoring

Discount on callstats prices!

Pricing Update: Pricing Plan Tailored for Your Business. New pricing for larger plans, discount on the lower plans!

500 participant conferences

Preview: Support for Conferences with up to 500 Participants. We are making it easier and faster to narrow the data you are looking at to only what you need to get the answer you are looking for.

Intensely debugging 500 participant conference

Upcoming Improvements to Debug Conferences. Re-imagining the workflows for diagnosing conferences with many participants

Control ingest events

Improved: Control What Events you Send to callstats. Some of those events you may not want to send due to privacy reasons (e.g., geo-ip, available or active devices, etc.). You are now in full control over what data you send to callstats

Notifications v1, update

Improved: End of call Webhook Notification. Augmented the JSON with several new fields (additionalIDs, geo locations, eMOS scores).

IFRAME callstats

callstats Preview: IFRAME dashboard into your app. An IFRAME API to incorporate callstats dashboards into their admin portal

Custom Roles

Introducing Custom App Level Roles. We let you pick the permissions associated to a particular role.

MST charts show Servers and loads in realtime

Conference Graphs: Initial Update. We changed the way visualise data in the conference and MST graphs.

Additional IDs

Discover Page: Correlate, Isolate by filtering using additional identifiers. We added new identifiers to tag the calls


Network vs Host Geolocation. We understand that some apps do not want resolve the geolocation and do not want callstats to store the IP address.

Woman use of soft drink vending system paying by cellphone

Debug network issues faster. Conference Listing and ICE table shows ISP and network type information

new s3 pipeline

Using Hot, Warm, and Cold Storage. During the pandemic, the scale gre 30x, resulting in a performance degradation. This improves reliability and a path to 99.999%

Circuit breaker Detection

Circuit Breaker Detection. When a particular media stream is underperforming due to networking issues (e.g., high packet loss, high delay, low bandwidth), this event is triggered.

Root-cause analysis

Upcoming Root cause analytics. Roadmap for solving media quality issues. Support and Product teams can handling these issues effectively.


Smart Connectivity Test Enhancements Help Identify Trouble. SCT is non-disruptive because it works in the background, between calls.


Slice and Dice data. Apply filters on the service metrics to diagnose the issues quicker.

New Home

Home, the brand new homepage. Highlights the overall performance of your product in one easily digestible view