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Case Study: Verbling gains insights into every call using callstats

By callstats on August 25, 2020

Verbling is a San Francisco based language education company, that connects language teachers with students in an online market place. Tens of thousands of students connect over WebRTC with their teacher every month, from all over the world. Upholding a quality connection between the two is crucial to Verbling’s success.

Gustav Rydsted, Verbling CTO describes how callstats supports

“Verbling is a company of about fifteen people. Making sure that a large marketplace is functioning well, dealing with firewalls, connection issues and different ISPs is a challenge. We needed a tool to get an oversight into the recurring issues we were seeing with some of our clients. Callstats provided that service."

At the same time Gustav and the Verbing support team uses callstats to navigate the depths of a video call and really get an insight into what went right or wrong. In their own words "Anything from initial setup delays to intermittent connection disruptions is clearly visualized for us, which is of great help. Before callstats we were running blind in our diagnosis capabilities and could only give rudimentary suggestions to our clients on how they could improve their connections."

The Verbling team highlighted that the seamless drop-in integration of callstats with their SDK made callstats an obvious choice. Gustav said, "When choosing a solution, we explored several solutions; among them trying to build some analysis tools ourselves, but callstats was an obvious choice due to it’s drop-in solution. The integration process
was seamless as their documentation was clear and thorough, we were able to get some initial data within a day of implementation. Their support channel was also helpful in diagnosing and helping us with any difficulties we were having set up the integration. We’ve used callstats for over a year now and been a happy customer since!"


To summarize, callstats helps Verbling with 

■ Fast and flexible deployment
■ Seamless integration
■ Performance monitoring data available within a day of deployment


"Using callstats has helped us focus on what we do best, and that’s connecting teachers and students to learn a language together; instead of having to worry about diagnosing different audio and video issues. We really enjoy the direct support and quick communication callstats have given us in setting up and further developing our integration with them." -- Gustav Rydsted, Verbling CTO