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Proximie Selects to enhance the future of healthcare

By Marc Brunel-Walker on December 9, 2021

Proximie’s mission is to help save lives. The company’s platform handles high-definition (HD) video as well as  augmented reality, enabling clinicians worldwide to provide remote expertise to colleagues during live surgical procedures.

The Challenges: Improving call quality

Proximie was growing fast but it needed a better way to monitor its platform and the quality of video calls, so it could proactively keep service levels high and share key data with customers. Major healthcare organizations required certainty that users were getting a high-quality experience. Meanwhile, defense customers wanted to go further and know about latency, packet loss, and other technical details to help them diagnose issues and improve their own networks.

“Quality is critical for all our customers, so we needed to provide accurate data.  We wanted a call stats capability that could be scaled instantly – saving us time and resources – so we could fully focus on our core mission. After all, Proximie is in the business of saving lives, rather than creating statistics tools.”

Auri Vizgaitis, Vice President of Infrastructure and Media at Proximie

The Solution: Quality monitored in real-time

Proximie discovered from 8x8, which monitors call quality in real-time for web real-time communication (WebRTC) applications. The service uses AI-driven analysis of large volumes of WebRTC data, automatically reducing the time IT staff spend identifying issues.

From each meeting, the service collects over 500 metrics, providing customers with an aggregated dashboard, showing user adoption and a complete view of audio and video quality performance.

Proximie could also strengthen its security within healthcare’s highly regulated environment, especially around patient information. Each participant endpoint can be added to a white list and static IP addresses can be enabled.

After an online demonstration from 8x8, Proximie’s team knew they’d found the answer. “To be frank, was pretty much the only suitable solution for us on the market – and we were delighted we found it,” says Vizgaitis.

The service was deployed quickly and Proximie began using with its first customers. “Getting up and running was a positive experience. 8x8’s senior engineers were very responsive, helping us with account set-up, troubleshooting, and all-round support.”

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The Benefits: Greater control and quality

Today, Proximie supports surgery and teaching sessions across five continents and 50+ countries and has supported more than 14,000 assisted procedures.

Its tech is used in 20% of all NHS hospitals – reducing staff numbers in theatres while increasing the expertise available.
With from 8x8, Proximie can now focus more on its platform, its customers, and helping to save lives, while avoiding development costs and ongoing maintenance.

Crucially, the company now has a statistics capability that can scale at speed. “We can scale into new markets globally, support more calls, and provide data around more participants,” says Vizgaitis.

Proximie can take control of quality like never before, monitoring calls on a massive scale, providing customers
with post-session summaries, and being proactive in improving performance. It’s also possible to dive into a call history database whenever a deeper analysis is needed. “Our previous solution was nowhere near as precise as the data delivered by from 8x8. It’s outstanding,” says Vizgaitis.

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