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Proximie Selects to enhance the future of healthcare

By Marc Brunel-Walker on September 23, 2021

Proximie, the software platform that is saving lives by sharing the world's best clinical practice, has deployed the 8x8 CPaaS callstats embeddable solution for call and video quality performance. Using four low-latency HD native camera views, augmented reality annotation, and real-time video and audio communication, Proximie enables physicians and medical device experts to virtually scrub-in to any clinical setting to share skills or learn from others. Proximie is using 8x8 callstats to support call and video quality, analytics, and provide virtual services for surgical procedures at scale.

Proximie moved quickly to beta-test 8x8 callstats to monitor call and video quality in real-time, automatically analyse large volumes of WebRTC communications data, and deliver insights through AI-driven monitoring and analytics.

8x8 callstats performance monitoring collects over 500 metrics from each virtual meeting, delivering details around user adoption and a complete view of audio and video quality performance. This has meant a reduction of IT staff time spent on identifying issues and transitioning those staff members to instead focus on scaling the organisation to support more virtual surgical procedures and patients nationwide.

"8x8 callstats is the only suitable solution for us on the market — and we are delighted we found it," shares Auri Vizgaitis, Vice President of Infrastructure and Media at Proximie. “Quality is critical for our customers, so we needed to provide accurate data. We had previously developed our own tool, but we wanted call and video analytics capabilities that could be scaled instantly — saving us time and resources — so we could fully focus on our core mission: saving lives.”

8x8 callstats enables Proximie to monitor call and video quality on an enormous scale, providing customers with post-session summaries and insights to proactively manage and improve the service.

“Proximie is delivering vital, life-saving support powered by actionable insights to ensure the business can continue to scale. Providing call quality and privacy to support the rich experience for healthcare professionals is of the highest importance,” says Varun Singh, Product, Call Quality and Connectivity, at 8x8, Inc. “8x8’s embeddable communications technology is supporting the high availability and compliance requirements of organisations like Proximie as they pave the way for the future of healthcare.”


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