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How to Monitor Call Quality in Integrated Amazon Connect/Salesforce Contact Centers

By callstats on June 7, 2019

Does your company use Amazon Connect with Salesforce Sales Cloud or Service Cloud? If so, you’re likely looking for a simple and effective way to monitor call quality and improve user experiences. Monitoring and Analytics for Amazon Connect is the first real-time communications management solution specifically designed to intelligently track and analyze call quality in Amazon Connect contact centers. And it works seamlessly in joint Amazon/Salesforce implementations—with no code changes or software add-ons required. Just modify a simple Salesforce configuration setting and you’re good to go.

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Figure: Amazon Connect Contact Control Panel Integrated with Salesforce monitors and analyzes WebRTC performance provides unmatched visibility into real-time audio communications sessions. You can use it to monitor and troubleshoot WebRTC calls between agents and Amazon Connect, as shown in the diagram below. The solution lets you evaluate call quality, isolate problems and resolve issues—quickly and easily. Our AI-driven algorithms automatically identify root causes, helping you save time and effort, and avoid guesswork.


Salesforce dialer diagram

Figure: in an Integrated Amazon Connect Salesforce Implementation blends passive endpoint monitoring with optional active connection testing, helping you diagnose a wide range of problems including network performance constraints, infrastructure (STUN/TURN/ICE) issues, endpoint misconfigurations, and signaling and media protocol incompatibilities.

Our innovative Objective Quality metric provides an easy way to monitor and measure user experiences for WebRTC sessions. Similar to the mean opinion score (MOS) used in legacy voice networks, Objective Quality lets you identify audio quality issues that can frustrate customers and even cost your company business.

An intuitive user interface and concise dashboard make it simple to spot trends and pinpoint problems. You can monitor inbound and outbound calls at a glance, and effortlessly drill down on issues and analyze WebRTC sessions using built-in event diagrams, graphs and strip charts. Search and filter features let you quickly hone in on a call by agent ID or caller phone number.

Integrating Amazon Connect and Salesforce

Haven’t integrated your Amazon Connect and Salesforce implementations yet? AWS provides free tools and documentation to simplify the process. The Amazon Connect Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) Adapter for Salesforce adds a WebRTC browser-based contact control panel (CCP) to the Salesforce Lightning, Console and Classic CRM experience. Agents can place, receive and manage Amazon Connect calls directly from the Salesforce interface. The integrated solution helps eliminate friction, improve agent productivity and streamline interactions.

The Amazon Connect Administrator Guide provides a good overview of the adapter.  The Amazon Connect CTI Adapter v3 for Salesforce installation guide provides step-by-step setup instructions.

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