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How to Communicate Effectively with Remote Teammates

By callstats on December 17, 2018

The future of work is already here. There was a time when working from home was not even a possibility. Now, companies including Skype, Slack, and Google Hangouts have enabled teams to work collaboratively from any location.

Remote work is to have the flexibility to choose when and where to work from. That could mean a co-working space, a conference, an office, or from home. At, our mission is to create a world where communication is both frictionless and effortless to set up, operate, and scale, and one of key mission is to empower teams to work remotely effectively.


Working at on the Marketing Team

I am a product growth marketing manager at I am responsible for our product + feature announcements and the development of our demand generation programs. My immediate team is geographically distributed. I work in Helsinki, Carl Blume, the marketing director, works in Boston, and Allie, the technical content marketer, works between Europe and Boston. We meet about 3 - 5 times a week to discuss our priorities, goals,  and tasks.

Collaboration Tools You Can Use to Succeed in a Remote Role

A Tool is Only as Good as its User.

To build an effective and agile practice around remote working that works for you and your team, it’s important to constantly communicate with your teammates and cultivate self-discipline to achieve the discussed goals.

Benefits of Remote Working (How it Has Impacted my Work at!)

  1. You Can Multitask in Meetings: Meetings that only require your presence for a few minutes can sometimes veer off track in person. Instead of being tied up in those meetings, remote working means that you are able to focus better on completing tasks and assignments.

  2. Increased Productivity: A 2-year Stanford study has shown the astonishing productivity boost of working from home. Though it may be tricky at first, it is possible to design your schedule based on individual and team responsibilities geographically. Finding the right balance for completing assignments will in the end increase overall productivity. That also helps people to live life as human beings and allow people feel empowered to work in a way that benefits themselves and the company.

  3. Innovate Better with Trust: If you are part of a forward-thinking company, being remote encourages you to keep trying new software, tools, and methodologies to solve old problems and develop better technology. Despite being globally dispersed, as a team you learn to build better trust between team members with a shared understanding that quality is not compromised in the work done.

Dos to Make Remote Work Actually Work

  1. When you work remotely, be sure to communicate when you come online with a simple ‘Hey’ or ‘Hi’ , especially with any changes to project deadlines and tasks.

  2. Share plans and calendars as a team when you make your team and individual plans for the week. (Quick Tip: Google Calendar’s OoO feature automatically declines meetings)

  3. Once schedules are planned, use automation bots (Quick Tip: Zapier has many integration with communication apps) to send meeting and task reminders.

  4. During conference calls, make sure you have a high-quality connection. If the call drops, be sure to communicate to your team that the call dropped (for example: ask them to repeat and say what was the last thing you heard) ( exists to help solve those issues!)

  5. Commit to the meetings scheduled. It can be challenging to coordinate time zones so be sure to communicate any scheduling change in advance to respect the schedule of others. And when you are in the meeting, be fully present.

Remote work is a growing working culture, and for some, is still a futuristic view of how their 9-to-5 might be someday. We at have a mission to make this future more accessible - be it for contact center agents, healthcare professionals, or software development teams. It should be regarded as a workplace feature, and together we can make it easier globally to learn and work remotely.

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