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Enterprise Pricing Explained - A Simple Guide to Our Custom Plan

By callstats on July 1, 2019
read serves a wide range of customers from CPaaS, CCaaS and UCaaS providers, to web meeting and video conferencing service providers, to enterprises using WebRTC in contact centers. Because each customer has a unique set of business requirements, we offer a customizable pricing plan with a flexible set of options. In this blog, we review some of the negotiable elements of our Enterprise pricing plan and provide some sample quotes to give you a general feel for our monthly subscription fees.

Custom Pricing for Business-Critical WebRTC Applications

Our Enterprise pricing plan is primarily intended for service providers and enterprises that use WebRTC for business-critical functions in large-scale operations. If your monthly WebRTC traffic volume exceeds three million user-minutes each month the Enterprise plan may provide the best value. (If your demands are less stringent, check out our Pro Plus plan with a fixed set of features.)

With the Enterprise plan, our sales professionals work with you to develop a custom package that satisfies your particular business requirements. You can get the monthly minutes, support commitments and payment terms you need for your organization—starting at a low rate of just €4,000 per month.

In addition, enterprise accounts get early access to new products and features. We offer quarterly business reviews with our customer success team. Our staff of WebRTC experts will ensure you realize the full value of the service.

Customizable elements of the plan include:

  • Monthly minutes - a fixed number of user-minutes included in your monthly subscription fee. (For example, if you only occasionally exceed 10 million user-mins/month, you could set the included monthly minutes at 10 million, and factor that into your fee.) For contact center applications, we can provide special agent-based pricing.
  • Additional minutes - incremental user-minute fees imposed after you reach your monthly limit. We typically work out a tiered pricing schedule for additional minutes (the price per additional minute steps down at various volume increments.)
  • Maximum simultaneous sessions - the maximum number of concurrent monitored WebRTC sessions. (Generally speaking, the greater the number of sessions, the greater the monthly subscription fee.)
  • Application count - the total number of distinct WebRTC-based applications or services you are monitoring. (The greater the number of applications monitored, the greater the monthly subscription fee.)
  • user count - the total number of named dashboard users. (The greater the number of users, the greater the monthly subscription fee.)
  • Data retention - how long preserves your statistical data. (The longer we store your data, the greater the monthly subscription fee.)
  • Support response time - our response commitments for email and telephone support. We can offer different response times (e.g. 4 hours, 24 hours) for different coverage hours (e.g. standard business hours, extended hours, 24x7x365)
  • Professional Services - we offer analytics as a service, which examines the health of your network and application using our expert data scientists and AI tools
  • Term - contract duration can range from one to three years, providing predictable, fixed prices
  • Billing - we offer monthly or annual billing. (Annual is a better value.)
  • Payment method - you can pay by credit card or invoice.

Enterprise Pricing Plan Examples

While we want to be as transparent as possible with our pricing, the fact of the matter is our monthly Enterprise fees factor in many variables, so the pricing can vary widely from customer to customer. The table below provides two sample quotes for a range of customers to give you a general idea of our pricing. 

Please note: These sample quotes are for illustrative purposes only. We’ll work with you to price out a custom plan that meets your specific requirements.


  Small Enterprise Large Enterprise
Monthly fee 10 000 EUR 35 000 EUR
Monthly minutes 5 million 25 million
Max sessions 500 2500
Application count 3 7
User count 5 25
Data retention 1 month 12 months
Support response, regular business hours 24 hours 4 hours
Support response, outside regular business hours Next business day 4 hours
Billing Monthly Annually

Next Steps

At, we recognize large enterprises have unique requirements. We’ll work with you to craft the right plan for your business. You get the contract terms, payment methods and support services you need. In addition, as a enterprise customer, you’ll enjoy advanced access to new features and regular interactions with our customer success team.

Please contact sales to learn more about our Enterprise pricing plan and to receive a custom quote.