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callstats powers Analytics for 8x8 Meetings

By callstats on May 20, 2020

We are excited to announce our first unified product with 8x8 -- “Analytics for Meetings”. This integration enables IT administrators to troubleshoot their end-user problems and enables Supervisors to analyse their end-users’ productivity trends. 8x8 Meetings is a secure and full-featured video conferencing great for teams of any size and used by tens of millions of users every day. 


Our integration provides highly detailed call capture, powerful detection and diagnostic algorithms, intuitive insights, and alerting. 


Video of callstats' integration with 8x8 Meetings


Benefit of 8x8

The 8x8 continuously monitors the network from end-to-end, collecting up to 500 data points from each endpoint every few seconds during an active session. A high performance data collection engine with service provider scalability captures and centralises the data for analysis. The product uses highly efficient data aggregation algorithms that correlate session information in real time for session types ranging from simple localised 2-party calls to large multiparty global conferences.


An intuitive user experience enables IT administrators and Supervisors to work smarter, collaborate, and solve problems. The dashboard displays service-level metrics that enable them to spot trends. They can drill down and analyse individuals and their sessions and correlate call connection and media quality across a wide range of metrics. 


Powerful filter and search tools enable you to quickly look-up specific endpoints and sessions, including those in progress. Zero-in on the metrics, sessions and time bases that are important to your service with custom data analysis.

Graph showing the packet loss variation for the call duration. There are intermittent periods of high packet loss resulting in poor audio performance

8x8 Meetings is great for teams and offers enterprise features such as recording, closed captioning and transcription, advanced ownership and moderation features, and now call analytics.

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