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What is Round-trip Time and How Does it Relate to Network Latency?

BY: Alexandrea Mellen , 15 October 2018

How Can RTC Transform & Strengthen Education?

Online education offers students incredible learning opportunities without the need for a physical classroom. From K-12 tools to virtual universities, various options empower students and educators to make the most of their..

BY: Alexandrea Mellen , 11 October 2018

Stop Worrying Over Your WebRTC Product & Use a Rad Monitoring Solution

As a product manager, your goal is to provide your customers with the most valuable and reliable product possible in a reasonable timeframe. When building real-time communications products, this can be particularly difficult..

BY: Alexandrea Mellen , 08 October 2018

Effective Infrastructure Level AI Upgrades for Your RTC

Issues with real-time communications that can be solved with artificial intelligence are divided into two categories: service level and infrastructure level. Infrastructure level applications are typically developer-facing and..

BY: Alexandrea Mellen , 05 October 2018

How Self-driving Cars are Propelled by Real-time Communication

Imagine it: A vehicle pulls up to your doorstep, picks you up and whisks you to your destination without your so much as having to place your hands on the steering wheel. This is one of the clearest dreams of self-driving..

BY: Alexandrea Mellen , 03 October 2018

Use these AI Features to Advance Your Communications

Issues that plague real-time communications that may be solved with artificial intelligence can be divided into two categories: service level and infrastructure level. Service level applications are mainly customer-facing and..

BY: Alexandrea Mellen , 01 October 2018

Stop Confusing Jitter and Delay with this Helpful Infographic

Jitter and delay are naturally tied to each other, but they are not the same. They are both important to networking and have a significant impact on real-time communications. Check out this infographic to learn about the..

BY: Alexandrea Mellen , 28 September 2018

What Does Emil Ivov Anticipate from the Future of RTC?  [Champion Series]

Our real-time communications champion spotlight highlights respected, expert members of the real-time communications industry. These individuals come from varied backgrounds and have experienced their own intriguing challenges..

BY: Alexandrea Mellen , 26 September 2018

A Short Introduction to Unified Communications as a Service

Over 80% of people use text messaging for business - compared to the good old days of sending a letter by carrier pigeon, we have come a long way. But are we really being as effective as possible with our enterprise..

BY: Alexandrea Mellen , 25 September 2018 Plan Breakdown - Should You Go Basic or Pro?

At, we have three major customer plan levels: Basic, Pro Plus, and Enterprise. These plans are designed to give you the optimal value of our service based on your size business and traffic volume.

BY: Alexandrea Mellen , 19 September 2018

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