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An Easy Guide to 5 Contact Center as a Service Use Cases

By Carl Blume on November 8, 2018

Succeeding at quality customer service has always been a daunting task. How much money are you willing to funnel into a contact center to get high-quality customer service? When will mediocre customer service start to cost you clients?

The answer lately: immediately. Customers are beginning to expect communication across multiple channels, including email, over the phone, text messaging, and chat. They want communication their way, and they want it now. Customers are shifting focus and requiring a positive customer service experience, and contact centers are working to keep up. In order to keep up with the changing needs of the ecosystem, contact centers need to evolve.

Contact Centers as a Service (CCaaS) are entering the market as an alternative to on-premise operations. By using a CCaaS, businesses get all of the benefits of an on-premise solution, with added flexibility, quick scalability, and cloud economics.

There are five main CCaaS use cases that prevail in the market today. The differences can at times be nuanced, but are of crucial importance to those they are serving.

High Volume Call Center

High volume call centers are the most common and main application clients are looking to address when choosing a CCaaS. They are typically looking to replace their legacy call center platforms with something more effective that is capable of scaling quickly and efficiently. High volume call centers are inspected by customers for a wide array of carrier services and different customer service levels.

Examples: Content Guru, NewVoiceMedia

Customer Engagement Center

Customer engagement centers integrate with business application software platforms and simultaneously provide support for digital channels to give a complete view of individual customers. They are able to provide customer support across communications channels, including social media and community forums, all in the appropriate context.The highest priority is placed on a strong customer experience to guarantee an effective customer engagement center.

Examples: Orange, 8x8, Serenova, Puzzel, NewVoiceMedia

Agile Contact Center

Agile contact centers are focused on customer service managers needs. They are able to dynamically change and customize the customer service environment so customer service agents deliver effective advice. These contact centers are built to operate when things aren’t going perfectly. They’re dependable, and they take the load off of customer service agents when they need it most.

Examples: Orange, Serenova, NICE inContact, Content Guru

North America

North America generates significant need for large contact centers, which earns it a place as its own CCaaS use case. These contact centers have a primary focus on multichannel contact management, which includes voice, email, web page forms, fax, chat, and text. They are particularly effective at scaling these operations to meet the needs of many different size and rapidly changing businesses.

Examples: Five9, Genesys, NewVoiceMedia, NICE inContact, Serenova, 8x8, Puzzel

Western Europe

Western Europe also holds a place of its own thanks to GDPR. Western europe CCaaS focus on maintaining standards and compliance, particularly when it comes to GDPR or other sensitive matters. They are particularly effective at geographical expansion, especially when it comes to European countries.

Examples: Capgemini, Content Guru, Genesys, Puzzel

CCaaS are flourishing as demand for quality customer service takes precedence. Make sure you are using the proper CCaaS that is tailor-fit to your business needs.

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