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Retain your customers! A top-down approach to WebRTC and Video Conferencing Monitoring

By callstats on August 11, 2021

The year 2020 was a turning point for Video Conferencing and WebRTC based solutions. “Unicorns” came out from nothing and video/WebRTC based startups went straight to the most notorious watchlists. The pandemic had a lot to do with this where events and employees were pushed back home making remote and video collaboration tools thrive.

However, looking ahead to what is left of 2021 and 2022 these same companies and organisations will have two factors to consider: solid vaccination rates worldwide (pushing a massive number of people back in the office) and strong competition. 

So how will companies keep the desired customer retention levels considering all this? The answer is simple: ensuring the best-in-class service to their customers. How do they do that? With can help you with that at all levels: it helps product managers designing and scaling the product the best way, it helps support teams troubleshooting video conferencing calls in a meaningful way, it helps developers choosing which path to follow and what technologies perform best according to their needs.

To guide you through the power of and what it can do for your organization we launched a blog series that depicts what information you can get from, what value it has for you and who should be looking at that:

Hopefully, after reading out this blog series you’ll get excited about what can do for your business and organisation. 

The next step? Just give it a try and unleash all the power of this monitoring framework.


This blog post was written by Filipe Leitão, callstats resident expert based in Germany.