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8x8 callstats - The way to improve WebRTC Call Quality Monitoring

By Marc Brunel-Walker on January 21, 2022

8x8 callstats: Giving Productivity and User Experience a Boost in an Era of Remote Work

Imagine that you’re calling into customer support, and after waiting for what seems like forever, you’re finally connected with an agent. But then, it’s hard to hear them because there’s a loud, intermittent echo interrupting your conversation. The agent apologizes a few times for not being able to catch your answer or verify your question. Because of the choppy connectivity or background noise, you have to repeat yourself, and audio delays have caused both of you to speak over each other on more than one occasion. Then, the call suddenly drops out and gets disconnected. Sound familiar?

Frustrating experiences like these illustrate exactly why call quality is key to customer satisfaction. Ninety-one percent of customers say poor audio quality negatively impacts their perception of a company. Worryingly, more than one in five customers experienced poor call quality on their last customer service call.

The trouble is, IT teams have a hard time diagnosing issues without visibility into communications sessions. Without a reliable way of measuring and monitoring call quality, it’s almost impossible to pinpoint whether poor audio was caused by poor network connections or because the agent’s mic was misconfigured on their desk system.


If you want better communications, you need better insights

Contact centers, service providers, and application developers need a better way to identify voice and video call quality issues, especially in an age of remote work. Gone are the days where you can just call a member of the IT team to walk over to your device and diagnose the issue.

Enter 8x8 callstats—a cloud-based solution that provides an unbiased overview of call quality metrics to help you conduct real-time performance monitoring for any WebRTC (web real-time communication) application.

On the front end, your agents will be alerted when they are connected to a bad network or are experiencing connectivity issues. For example, if there’s insufficient bandwidth, the platform will prompt them to consider switching to a different network or run a network test.

On the backend, your IT teams receive comprehensive reports on all key call metrics, and they are even proactively alerted on network or quality issues without requiring agents to first report them.


Real-time monitoring

he simple truth is, your business needs insights in order to identify problem areas, improve user experience, and boost the operational efficiency of your WebRTC applications.

8x8 callstats collects over 500 metrics every few seconds—including round-trip time (RTT), jitter, throughput, packet loss, and eMOS call quality scores—to capture both spontaneous and intermittent call quality variations. This allows IT teams to drill down quickly and speed up the troubleshooting process.

The platform also tracks other productivity-related KPIs, such as the number of active agents, calls per agent, call duration, customer queue time, and more.

AI-based algorithms are also applied to these metrics to obtain a granular analysis of call distribution trends, detect and forecast trouble, and uncover opportunities for further optimization and improvement.

Endpoint troubleshooting

In addition to real-time monitoring capabilities, 8x8 callstats can also be used to conduct smart connectivity tests, so that the best server is chosen for each call, every time.

8x8 callstats uses synthetic WebRTC traffic to test endpoint devices and network connections without requiring an actual call to be made. This allows agents to preemptively switch networks if necessary before a customer call begins.

This means that whenever an agent has extremely poor network performance, calls can be automatically routed to another agent with better connectivity.

These proactive call quality measures result in less time spent troubleshooting, better customer experiences, and more productive agents.

More vantage points

To prevent misdiagnosis of poor network connectivity, address the root cause of performance issues, and prevent future instances from happening again, IT teams need metrics from the entire WebRTC service architecture, not just fragmented sections of it.

8x8 callstats is designed to do exactly that: collect, correlate, and summarize performance and service-level metrics from all endpoints (including customer service agents and other company users of WebRTC applications) and midpoints (such as the TURN server). The insights are presented in a consolidated, coherent, and meaningful way on the dashboard.


With transparency into the full WebRTC architecture, IT teams can effectively tackle root issues and preempt future problems. For example, if there is a recurring issue with the UCaaS or CCaaS platform’s cloud service availability, IT teams can document and quickly escalate this to the service provider for speedier resolution.

The best call quality solutions are quick and painless

Because of its easy-to-use plug-and-play nature, 8x8 callstats is the real-time call performance monitoring solution of choice for businesses that understand the value of high-quality audio and video calls and know that it can give them a competitive edge.

“Using 8x8 callstats has helped us focus on what we do best—connecting teachers and students—instead of having to worry about diagnosing different audio and video issues," said Gustav Rydsted, CTO of Verbling, a San Francisco-based EdTech company servicing tens of thousands of students from all over the world.

Rydsted shared that 8x8 callstats integrated seamlessly into Verbling's WebRTC applications, deployment was fast and flexible, and that data was available within a day of deployment.

A global leading global software and services firm in the US has also successfully implemented 8x8 callstats in its contact center to increase productivity, reduce IT response time, and enhance the work-from-home experience for its agents.

“8x8 callstats gives us a way to identify and resolve tough problems that weren’t even visible to us before,” said the contact center operations manager.

To transform workplace productivity, reduce troubleshooting times, and receive proactive alerts on connectivity issues with 8x8 callstats, contact our team at for more information.