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Build an MVP with Real-time Monitoring and Analytics for Free

By Alex Beardsley on July 4, 2018

We are approached by a lot of small companies and teams that are in the early stages of building an online communication platform. Their call and conference traffic is typically fairly low, as many times they are still finishing an MVP.

These companies are meticulous - they want to make sure they are doing everything they can do right from the very start. This includes providing the best service for end users, to make sure their product can grow quickly and retain their initial customer base. Call analytics and end-to-end monitoring are essential for them. Some of them have funding, however, many of them are not able to afford the same features companies with existing products and running services with vast customer bases can.

Their budgets are tight, and they need a low volume - low price plan. How do we at help these companies and grow with them?

Explaining our Developer Plan

Our Free Developer Plan was made specifically for WebRTC enthusiasts, developers, and small teams. This version of can be used for as long as needed to develop your product at small scale. It includes several hours of conferencing per day, seven days of data retention for a general view, and twenty four hours of data retention for a detailed conference view. We also have extensive instructions for integration, along with several third-party SDK integrations.

If you need free or affordable call monitoring, sign up and integrate straight away. We are always available for customer support, and will reach out regularly to make sure you’re benefiting from our service and see if we can update it to help you in any way.

You can register for an account here.

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