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How the team communication app RENdez-vous by RENATER keeps track of its WebRTC analytics

By callstats on June 21, 2017

Whether you are a scientist, a lecturer or working in higher education in any capacity, seamless collaboration and secure communication are central to your everyday work. That’s why since the 90’s, National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) have been a specialized Internet Service Provider (ISP) for the research community.

RENATER is the French government’s National Research and Education Network with a decades long mandate to support universities’ and governmental research centers’ networking and telecommunications needs. One of its most recent innovation initiatives for the French research community, RENATER’s WebRTC enabled web conferencing app, RENdez-vous, runs on a Jitsi platform. While focused on the French region, RENdez-vous end users can often be geographically dispersed, which can make operating any WebRTC service a little more challenging because of the diverse networking environments (wireless, mobile, enterprise). Furthermore, the application is mostly used by the academic community that have specific requirements in terms of privacy, security, and stability.

RENATER has been live with its RENdez-vous service for a bit over a year now. For most of that time, the organization has used to monitor its production analytics and dashboard to understand how the system is working and how to optimize it.

RENdez-vous is based on the open source Jitsi platform, which made the initial WebRTC app setup process easy. Furthermore,’s existing integration with Jitsi meant that incorporating the analytics was equally effortless.

More nuanced solution monitoring

Upon taking up, RENATER set clear requirements for what the service should do: to be able to compare metrics data and quality of the usage month to month. Additionally, RENATER appreciates the product’s ability to deep dive into individual conference level metrics and to quickly debug in response to customer support triggers. In line with RENATER’s internal monitoring cycle, the team typically measures system level performance on a weekly basis and generates weekly reports from that data.

How fits in with RENATER’s performance monitoring process

Today, is the primary analytics information source of the web conferencing at RENATER team. As RENATER is using’s enterprise account, RENATER benefits from receiving customized weekly reports on top of other enterprise features. Since shifting to, RENATER has kept all the pre-existing performance and monitoring processes in-tact. The team usually conducts a weekly app performance analysis using a mix of provided executive summaries and raw dashboard data, as those feed well into dev-ops channels and have made failure detection cycles faster.

Our Technical Account Manager Binoy Chemmagate has been working closely with RENATER since they started using and often jumps on calls with the team to discuss both debugging and other performance data issues at hand as well as the WebRTC landscape in general.

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