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WebRTC Stats API Updates since January 2016

By callstats on October 6, 2016
read became an official member of the W3C at the beginnig of 2016. Since the beginning of the year the document has been updated a couple of time, the latest update was on September 21st, just before the TPAC 2016 in Lisbon.

A summary of updates:

  • Debug problems with ICE: exposes metrics related to the ICE connectivity checks RFC5245 and ICE consent request RFC7675. The request and response counters assists in measuring losses. In WebRTC, these messages are sent by both endpoints on a particular path, it helps identify losses on the upstream or downstream path to a particular endpoint. Consequently, we can also measure the current and average round-trip-time of these messages. These metrics are based on metrics described in RFC7982.
  • RTCP XR metrics: new RTP metrics are most often defined in eXtension Reports (XR), the RTP community at the IETF made a proposal suggesting to add metrics that would help identify particular transport and media issues. For example, burst of packet losses or packet discards.
  • Codec implementation: can describe the type (hardware or software), manufacturer (e.g., FFMpeg) of the codec.
  • There were a series of minor changes to improve the readability and consistency of the document.

At the two-day WebRTC meeting at the TPAC, the discussions centered squarely on issues that needed to be finished for version 1 of the WebRTC APIs. A large part of it was about behaviour of the API when certain things happen (e.g., when the media changes), error handling and surfacing them, and lastly conformance testing across browsers and platforms.

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