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callstats.io Introduces AI-Powered Analytics

This week at Kranky Geek in San Francisco, we are excited to introduce new AI-powered analytics that automatically analyze your WebRTC metrics and identifies the root cause of trouble, eliminating costly manual data analysis..

BY: Carl Blume , 15 November 2018

WebRTC Architectures Explained in 5 Minutes or Less

In its inception, WebRTC was designed to be a peer-to-peer communication technology. This means that the majority of technology development is focused around the client device. In spite of this, it is also very important to..

BY: Marcin Nagy , 15 November 2018

Free White Paper: Instantaneous Answers: How callstats.io Uses AI to Improve Communications

We are very excited to announce the release of our latest white paper: Instantaneous Answers: How callstats.io Uses AI to Improve Communications.

What if you no longer needed to analyze mountains of data before solving a..

BY: Alexandrea Mellen , 14 November 2018

How Migrating to WebRTC is Changing and Advancing the Contact Center

When businesses need to offer a point of contact for their customers to get service and support, today’s best choice is an omnichannel contact center. Unlike the call centers of years past, which placed users in a queue and..

BY: Alexandrea Mellen , 12 November 2018

callstats.io Real-time Communications Monitoring Service Integrates with Amazon Connect




Today, callstats.io..

BY: Carl Blume , 12 November 2018

An Easy Guide to 5 Contact Center as a Service Use Cases

Succeeding at quality customer service has always been a daunting task. How much money are you willing to funnel into a contact center to get high-quality customer service? When will mediocre customer service start to cost..

BY: Alexandrea Mellen , 08 November 2018

Drones: Infamous and Impacted by Real-time Communications

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), better known as drones, fly over today’s skies for an incredible number of different purposes. No longer just the remote-controlled planes of hobbyists and tinkerers, cutting-edge drones have..

BY: Alexandrea Mellen , 05 November 2018

How to Integrate the callstats.io REST API Part 4: User and Media Action Events

After some break, we are back with our REST API integration blog series. This is the fourth blog post in this series that addresses the importance of proper integration of user and media action events. Our REST API includes..

BY: Marcin Nagy , 01 November 2018

Noteworthy Moments from TPAC 2018


TPAC 2018 was held last week in Lyon, France and attended by callstats.io. TPAC brings together W3C Technical Groups, the Advisory Board, the TAG, and the Advisory Committee for an exciting week of coordinated work. Many..

BY: Karthik BR , 29 October 2018

The Evolution and Disappearance of googMetrics Explained

googMetrics were recently deprecated and removed from the getStats() API. In order to maintain compliance with W3C standards, we at callstats.io updated our existing libraries to take this change into account. For some of our..

BY: Alejandra Soni , 25 October 2018

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