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About Us

CALLSTATS I/O Oy is a Software as a Service company based out of Helsinki. It provides products that measure and manage the performance of real-time media communication. The product helps software developers set up, build, and scale communication applications quickly. Founded in 2014 and originally known as Nemu Dialogue Systems, was named a Cool Vendor in Unified Communications in 2016 by research firm Gartner. The product integrates with various third party SDKs and PaaS solutions which make it easier to build and deploy WebRTC applications.

Read more about the WebRTC measurement architecture and the libraries for: callstats.js (Javascript), (Java).


The company is also listed on  Angel List, CrunchBase, and LinkedIn.

We are backed by the best:
  • Petteri Koponen of Lifeline Ventures is a serial entrepreneur, founded 5 companies including Jaiku (sold to Google) and is on the board of several companies.
  • Om Malik of True Ventures is an entrepreneur and a world-renouned technology journalist. He is on the board of serveral companies including, TwinPrime, Veniam. According to him these companies represent opportunities in ever changing network architectures.

  • Contribution to Standards and Research

    We are active contributors to WebRTC-related standards, both at the IETF and W3C. A complete list of our IETF contributions are available at [1, 2]. We've also carried out extensive research related to multimedia delivery. Details are available from Google Scholar [3, 4].

    Automating Diagnostics and Optimizations

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