Are you outsourcing your Contact Centre? 

Our report on WebRTC Performance Benchmarks for Cloud Contact Centers can help you understand the impacts 

Based on a detailed analysis of over 15 million real contact center calls, this special report provides benchmark averages contact center managers can use to evaluate their own service.

We've broken the data count by geographic region so that you can see for yourself the effects of agent and BPO location relative to a variety of different provider's infrastructure.

The report presents average distributions for four WebRTC performance metrics that heavily influence quality of experience.  

The report will help you:

  • Understand how the geographic locations for agents and CCaaS infrastructure can affect WebRTC performance
  • Compare your WebRTC round trip time, jitter, packet loss and throughput against industry averages
  • Leverage data for 39 geographic segments to identify the best locations for offshore and BPO facilities
  • Understand the impact that best-effort Internet services can have on the key metrics that determine voice communications quality



Learn more about how to cut costs and improve call quality by adopting WebRTC for your contact center