Troubleshoot Call Quality Issues Before They Affect Customers

Call center managers face headaches and technical issues from every angle: Agents complain about poor audio quality, customers need to repeat themselves, and callers run into technical roadblocks that keep them from getting the help they were looking for when calling in.

Poor audio quality gets reflected in NPS scores, which draws attention from executives concerned about customer satisfaction. 

With a proper WebRTC monitoring service, you can detect and troubleshoot these technical issues before  callers or agents notice them.


Measurable Quality and Insights is the only call quality monitoring and analytics tool for WebRTC-based contact centers. Our solution combines passive monitoring of live customer/agent calls with active testing, enabling contact center managers to rapidly detect and fix call quality issues. You can track call quality in real-time, including:

  • Extended Mean Opinion Score (MOS)
  • Delay and jitter
  • Round trip time
  • Throughput
  • User feedback
  • Call failures by reason

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Flexible Pricing

Continuous monitoring is the first step to taking data driven measures to improve the WebRTC customer experience. offers a choice of usage based pricing and per agent pricing with unlimited minutes, enabling you to tailor the service to your contact center needs and budget. Contact our team to learn more.