We are a startup based in Helsinki, Finland and Kraków, Poland. Callstats.io is our first product, built to monitor and manage the media quality in realtime communication applications. We often refer to callstats.io as “Google Analytics for WebRTC”. Our vision is a world where communication is both frictionless and effortless to set up, operate, and scale.

We collect millions of network and media quality metrics from our customers around the world. We analyze, cluster, and categorize them based on various attributes. Our cloud infrastructure creates reports and alerts the customers when their users experience degrades. Our systems also attempt to automagically fix issues. The optimizations empower our customers to provide a superior service quality compared to their competitors.

Our team is made up of engineers that have shipped code for various networking companies.

We are backed by the best! True Ventures from Silicon Valley and Lifeline Ventures from Helsinki have invested into us. Read the press release for details.

Our culture

  • Our solutions aim to excite our customers daily.
  • Data is the critical part of our product. We constantly raise the bar on the user-experience.
  • Rome was not built in one day. All our projects start small and gradually increase in complexity.
  • We are constantly shipping code. Done is better than perfect – the moment when the feature is better than what is already live on the site.

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Job description

You will work on our dashboard’s front-end and coordinate with UX/UI designers on priorities of the dashboard work. The front-end is mainly written in React and uses RxJS. You will be involved in building APIs, components to pull and display call data. You will need to rely on your basic understanding of statistics for showing appropriate visualisations (mostly in D3.js) and to work with designers. We encourage reading books from Edwart Tufte.

This is ideally a full time role and based either out of Helsinki, Finland or Kraków, Poland.

What we expect from you

  • You are proficient with React, Angular, or other similar frameworks.
  • You are proficient with Redux, RxJS or other similar data flow frameworks. The data flow in our dashboard is similar to Facebook’s Flux.
  • You have a deep understanding of closures, DOM manipulation, HTTP, WebSockets, and cross browser compatibility challenges.
  • You have experience working with modern Javascript toolchains (Webpack, Babel, Grunt, less, etc.).
  • You have demonstrated skill and enthusiasm for learning, and applying new technologies when appropriate.
  • You have experience coordinating software development teams.
  • You have experience working together with designers in a user-centered manner.
  • A minimum three years of experience.
  • Fluency in spoken and written English.

What we offer

  • Immediate impact: You are part of a small but growing team and your impact is immediately felt. There is no shortage of interesting and challenging tasks.
  • Good compensation: Competitive salary and options.
  • Friday demo: Every week you get to show-off your contributions and get immediate feedback.
  • Great team: Our team is sharp, eccentric, loyal, and ambitious.
  • Fun times: Weekly and monthly outings.
  • Education: Our commitment to learning as a team and individual growth.
  • Relocation: If needed, we will help you move to Helsinki.

Interested? Send us your application

What is the hardest front-end related task or problem that you have ever completed? Explain it in your cover letter in as much detail as you can. We love reading about reverse engineering.

Send your cover letter and CV to careers[at]callstats.io.