Voximplant is a telephony platform as a service created primarily for developers, supporting diverse scenarios for automated phone calls processing. Voximplant users can for example buy a new phone number, create an app and start to process every call with integrated speech recognition and text-to-speech synthesis.

Integration steps

Include callstats.min.js in your application. Refer to our API page for more information on the dependencies.

Next, set callstats.io params inside init() and you are good to go!

  //append the following to the existing code
    AppID:"YOUR_CALLSTATS.IO_ID", //change this to your callstats.io AppID
    AppSecret:"YOUR_CALLSTATS.IO_SECRET" //change this to your callstats.io AppSecret

You can also try out the demo app built by the voximplant. You will need to create an AppID on the https://dashboard.callstats.io/apps/ page, and AppSecret under the security tab for that App.