AppRTC is a reference WebRTC video chat application built by Google. AppRTC allows for two conference participants and is optimized for quick session setup. Running AppRTC locally requires Google App Engine SDK for Python, Node.js and Grunt.

Integration steps

The AppRTC integration information is available at the WebRTC GitHub page including callstats.min.js, which you’ll need to start using AppRTC. You can use our instance of AppRTC at

Add the callstats AppID and AppSecret to the app.yaml or as an environment variable:

  # Use --env_variable=CALLSTATS_APP_ID:ID  \
  #               --env_variable=CALLSTATS_APP_SECRET:SECRET \
  #               --env_variable=ICE_SERVER_API_KEY:KEY \
  # in order to replace variables when deploying.

Remember to restart the server to use the latest callstats.min.js, it is fetched during start up and served locally from the AppRTC instance.

Reference Implementation

The integration with AppRTC is available at


Send your comments and feedback to our groups/callstats-dev.