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Overall Bridge Metrics

These metrics indicate the overall performance of the bridge.

Conference-level Messages

These messages indicate the events and the performance metrics for a
specific conferenceID.

Conference-specific Events

These events indicate the bridge- and user-events for a particular
conferenceID. The library currently supports the following events:

Conference-level JSON

The statistics are sent in the following JSON object. The metrics are
collected on a per userID basic, and includes all the SSRC sent to and
received from a particular userID, as observed by the conference server.

    "localID": "conferenceServerID",
    "remoteID": "user-aaaa", <!-- // remote party -->
    "stats": {
        "streams": {
            "209773412": {
              "inbound":   {        }
            "674768567": {
              "fromUserID": "user-bbbb",
              "outbound": {        }
           "342342222": {
              "fromUserID": "user-cccc",
              "outbound": {        }
            "342342222": {
              "fromUserID": "user-dddd",
              "outbound": {        }
        "Transport": [{active-candidate-pair-1}] <!-- // can be multiple-->

Conference-level statistics

These metrics indicate the performance for a specific conferenceID. All
metrics are measured locally. No remote metrics are reported here, since
these are reported independently by the individual endpoints.

Inbound and Outbound SSRC statistics