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Why is Uniquely Qualified to Improve Real-time Communications with AI?

By callstats on November 26, 2018

 Earlier this month, we introduced AI notifications, our AI-powered analytics. The AI system automatically analyzes your WebRTC metrics and identifies the root cause of trouble, eliminating costly manual data analysis and accelerating time-to-resolution.

The benefits to using this system to troubleshoot and monitor you real-time communications are numerous. When building out real-time communications solutions, monitoring needs specialized and costly manpower, problems are often unanticipated and undetected, and identifying the true root of the issue is complicated and difficult. Our proprietary artificial intelligence system looks to address all of these issues to save you time, manpower, and money.

But how are we qualified to do this, and how do we approach this problem?

Our Team for Solving Real-time Communications with Artificial Intelligence

At, we have a team of software engineers dedicated to data and analytics. They specialize in data science and artificial intelligence to bring you actionable insights for your real-time communications.

Our team is responsible for identifying the best ways to analyze our large dataset: over one billion WebRTC data points processed each month. Having data scientists that are able to analyze this data in an in-depth way is indispensable. It enables our organization to further our artificial intelligence systems in a sophisticated, smart way.

We challenge our entire company to focus on data and analytics every day in order to build a culture of awareness around big data. We emphasize collaboration, cooperation, and problem solving through cross-functional teams and regular, knowledgeable presentations on data and analytics. Data is at the heart of what we do.


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Our Methodology for Solving Real-time Communications with Artificial Intelligence

Our proprietary AI-based system can efficiently monitor and analyze large volumes of WebRTC service data, saving man-hours of manual analysis. We use state-of-the-art artificial intelligence features integrated into the communications monitoring and analysis solution. These features automatically detect and diagnose problems, helping organizations increase operational efficiency and improve user experiences. They are a cornerstone in our mission to deliver customers analytics with answers. In our free white paper, Instantaneous Answers: How Uses AI to Improve Communications, we delve into our system to give you a deeper understanding of our process.


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How Can My Team Get Started with AI-Powered Analytics?

If you haven’t already, create an account with Once you integrate with your application, you will be able to access AI-powered analytics directly on the dashboard.

If you’d appreciate more customized support, email our sales team today.

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