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Web Real-time Communications (WebRTC) Blog

Articles on interesting real-time communications topics and challenges.

Delay is an important metric in networking that measures the amount of time it takes for a bit of data to move from one endpoint...

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WebRTC data channels have various interesting use cases, several of which are outlined in our WebRTC Metrics Reports. This...

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Real-time speech analytics has become an essential part of customer support and sales. It permits organizations to have deeper...

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WebRTC has a rich and interesting history, starting in 2010 with Google’s acquisition of On2 and Global IP Solutions. It’s been...

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No matter the complexity of the WebRTC product, it’s important to have some sort of monitoring tool so you are not relying...

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The dashboard lets you keep track of the quality of experience in your WebRTC service. Observe everything in...

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Read the blog post about WebRTC and IoT here

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Delay and jitter are naturally tied to each other, but they are not the same. Delay is a significant metric in networking...

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In its inception, WebRTC was designed to be a peer-to-peer communication technology. This means that the majority of...

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Each year, getting started with WebRTC is easier (and cheaper), however, decisions made at the start of your project still...

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One major issue with end-to-end communication between pairs of endpoints is that, in many cases, those endpoints do not...

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Round-trip time is an important metric that can indicate the quality of communications available between two end-points. It’s...

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