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Support for Conferences with up to 500 Participants

By callstats on July 23, 2021


Virtual Conferences have dramatically transformed how we work. The needs of employees that connect remotely, and regularly meet with coworkers and customers virtually, are different from traditional in-person meetings. The home network, the cell phone, and laptop computer have become the essential tools that drive productivity. We are changing the workflows to debug large participant conferences. There are a lot of changes happening under the hood, so some of these updates will be quickly available while others will appear later.

As the numbers of remote workers continues to grow, and the number and duration of critical conferences with large numbers of participants continues to grow, IT Departments and Supervisors need real-time data and insights to deliver high quality services and data-driven, cost-effective support. Our goal is to enable support organizations to delight their users by being able to quickly find completed and live conferences, pinpoint specific users and groups, and easily drill-down to find root causes for service and quality issues.

8x8 and callstats are meeting the challenge! We continue to listen to you, our customers, and are investing in higher performing, more scalable data pipelines, better distributed and more cost-effective storage and security solutions, and in predictive technologies that will soon help you prevent issues before they happen! We are building support for large online conferences of up to 500 participants, and we are improving the way our insights and diagnostics are organized and presented accordingly. 

A Better Workflow

As the breadth and depth of information for conferences continues to grow, we look at ways to make the application more responsive, like only loading what you ask for or what the experience you are using requires, or only loading data for users you are specifically investigating. We are making it easier and faster to narrow the data you are looking at to only what you need to get the answer you are looking for.

One notable improvement is the new Participants and Connections tab, which populates with all the same rich participant information about devices, software, network, etc., but only after you select it, and only for the Participants you have selected on the General tab.

Another example is the Events tab, which contains meticulous details about each participant’s activity and resources, designed for support representatives to pinpoint the issue, and/or supervisors to identify opportunities to enhance and optimize the overall experience. 

These changes also result in a leaner, more focused General tab that loads faster and provides the intelligent feedback, such as Automatic Diagnostics, and key details and metrics such as eMOS score, conference Duration and Start Time, that IT Managers need to quickly answer quality of service and service consumption questions.  

We are excited about these upcoming changes as they roll out over the next several months, and we thank you for your continued feedback, patience and support.


This feature is built by Mark, Dejan, Tamas, Gowtham, Paul, Karthik, Eljas.



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