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Case Study: The Polish Ministry of Justice gains insights into court proceedings’ call quality

By callstats on May 6, 2021

During the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Polish Ministry of Justice (MoJ) realised that they needed to quickly adapt their court proceedings to comply with stay at home (remote work) orders. Their primary initiative was to provide audio and video conferences during court proceedings and secondarily to enable internal communications.

The Judicial Competence and Computerization Center was asked to evaluate several on-premises and cloud-based video conferencing platforms. Based on the analysis, the MoJ chose Jitsi as their secure, and easy to scale video conferencing platform. Because these were court proceedings, the MoJ also wanted a way to monitor audio and video quality for each meeting so they could quickly address any issues. . They chose callstats for its  extensive monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities that reduce investigation time and its deep integration with Jitsi. The following case-study shows how this leading government institution uses performance monitor by callstats to improve operational efficiency and customer experience.

For the Court of Appeals, the service grew from 0 to 24000 calls in a span of 6 months. As the service was scaling to support this tremendous growth, the IT department started receiving more support escalations from end-users related to connectivity and call quality issues. For example, if the client dropped out of the call or was not heard by the courts, this would stall the proceedings. Before callstats these issues were logged with our service desk, and now with callstats, we are able to address them in real-time. Many of the issues stemmed from poor internet connectivity which was  exacerbated by other devices and applications also consuming bandwidth on the shared network. Additionally, the MOJ's IT Team observed issues with VPNs becoming over utilised which resulted in poor call quality.

We spoke to Krzysztof Kaminski, Head of IT department about his experience over the last 9 months. He describes how callstats supports Wroclaw's Court of Appeals. 

“Our organization is focused on the user experience during the video conference. After every major change in the architecture of Jitsi or even after every major update to the software, we analyze carefully every metric that can inform our team about problems with the user experience. The analysis would be very hard to diagnose with any other monitoring product," said Krzysztof Kaminski, Head of IT at MoJ "If there is a complaint about the video conference quality, we check it first with callstats. We check the bandwidth, the call events (like dominant speaker, presentation, video and audio disruptions), network anomalies, delays, network infrastructure problems (as we can connect to Jitsi infrastructure from the Internet and VPN). All of these metrics can impact user experience. What’s even more important is that callstats provides us with information about video conference quality from a user perspective."

To summarise, callstats helps  

■ Fast and seamless deployment- within minutes

■ Real-time access to performance monitoring data

■ Data storage in Europe and high levels of security


"In my opinion WebRTC is a breakthrough in communications protocols. But every service has to be well monitored. That’s were callstats is best. It brings great insights at low cost providing a tremendous value."
-- Krzysztof Kaminski, Head of IT, Judicial Competence and Computerization Center, Poland

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