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A deeper look into signaling state changes kickstarts our new series of blog posts about the REST API. We hope these tips and tricks help you make the most out of your call diagnostics service!

By: Marcin Nagy, Binoy Chemmagate,

Download our new WebRTC Metrics Report discussing metrics sampled from our global service. This time we focused on statistics for pre-call test, which estimates connection quality before a call starts.

By: Varun Singh, Lennart Schulte, Marcin Nagy,

Thrilled to announce that is now integrated with Kurento Rooms.

By: Binoy Chemmagate, Karthik BR, Charlotta Liukas,

With the recent release of WebRTC v1.0 for candidate recommendation, the community is signalling that the standard is now design complete. In this blogpost, our CEO Varun reflects on where WebRTC is headed next and presents early thoughts on sending media over QUIC.

By: Varun Singh, Jörg Ott,

The WebRTC Working Group has moved the Peer Connection specification to Candidate Recommendation. The Working Group with this 02-Nov, 2017 announcement is signaling to the community that the API is design-complete. Let the testing begin!

By: Varun Singh,

TURN servers are a regular occurrence in conferences. We observe about 30% of the P2P conferences has at least one endpoint connect via a TURN server. In this blogpost we explain, why TURN servers are needed in WebRTC.

By: Lennart Schulte, Jörg Ott, Varun Singh, Charlotta Liukas,

Announcing organization Stats lets you customize your service level view by aggregating the app stats. Handy for teams with many services in production or if you serve multiple customers via same infrastructure.

By: , Isa Ojanen, Binoy Chemmagate,