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Our customer, Pluot, is a Y Combinator backed startup that makes fast, easy video conferencing & screen sharing. Their users are distributed teams using the free Pluot browser product, or Pluot’s hardware upgrade for conference room TVs. Read how they use to monitor their WebRTC application, and work with both browser and hardware customers.

By: Charlotta Liukas,

Lennart visited the conference on Network Traffic Measurement and Analysis TMA’17 in Dublin, Ireland at the end of June. The focus of the conference is on improving the practice or application of measurements, across the entire network stack up to the application layer. Read Lennart’s notes from the conference.

By: Lennart Schulte, Lasse Lumiaho,

Four people from our sales and marketing team attended True University, which is a two-day startup school fostering connections and entrepreneurial education across the True Venture’s portfolio. In this blog post we share our notes from a few selected talks.

By: Lasse Lumiaho, Alejandra Soni, Binoy Chemmagate,

RENATER’s WebRTC conferencing tool RENdez-vous keeps the French research community collaborating

By: Charlotta Liukas, Lasse Lumiaho, Binoy Chemmagate, Varun Singh,

We are happy to share that already works with Safari 11 beta. Check it out!

By: Charlotta Liukas, Karthik BR, Varun Singh,

An integration with SIP.js has been a popular request. Now it is available!!

By: Lasse Lumiaho, Karthik BR,

QUIC brings many benefits to the Internet community at large. We are excited to use QUIC as soon as it is stable and available for wide use.

By: Lasse Lumiaho, Charlotta Liukas, Lennart Schulte, Jörg Ott,