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Product Update: Introducing Custom App Level Roles

By callstats on May 19, 2021

In 2017, we added multi-user access to our dashboard, with that came permissions and Role-based Access Control (RBAC). The default RBAC are: Admins, developers and customer support. As our customers grew, we noted that  the default roles did not embody the workflows at these growing organisations.

This week we launched custom app level role, which means you get to pick the permissions associated to a particular role. For example, now you can hide the geolocation data from a supervisor accessing the dashboard and leave it in for an operations person. Furthermore, you hide the private information from the operations person and keep it in for the supervisor. This allows supervisors to measure productivity of their agents and not know anything about their work location. Similarly, the operations team will be able to measure performance by location but not know which exact users were impacted. Whereas, the default support role, would be able to do both, correlate exact users with their usage and location.

Screenshot 2021-05-07 at 13.10.18

Since callstats dashboard is mostly about dashboards and wallboards, the visualising of data is controlled "read permissions". The dashboard has very limited features related to inputing data, the "write permissions" mainly relate to configurations and access control.

COMPLETE TIMELINE ACCESS Relates to the time range in the time filter. Complete means you are giving access to the complete lifetime of the app.
READ PRIVATE Relates to Personal information in the userID object. Specifically, userID.username is considered PII and will only be visible to people with this permission.
READ SERVICE REPORTS Relates to access to all the dashboards via the left navigation bar (Home, Discover, Org, User Feedback). 
READ CONFERENCE SEARCH AGGREGATION Relates to filtering (by ID, by location, by call status, call quality, etc) of the call data on the Discover page.
READ SERVICE Relates to visualising the various aggregate metrics on the Discover page. The results are an outcome of data aggregated within a time period and any set of applied filters.
READ SERVICE BROWSER Relates to visualising the userAgent (browser name and versions) string reported by the browser.
READ SERVICE GEOIP Relates to viewing all the user geo locations, typically visualised in a map or via the Top N locations widget.
READ CONFERENCE Relates to visualising all the conference details data, i.e., the raw data pertaining to a particular conference.
READ CONFERENCE GEOIP Relates to viewing all the user geo locations in a particular call, typically visualised in a map or in the user table.
READ CONFERENCE ICE Relates to viewing the a particular user's set of IP address.
READ CONFERENCE MST Relates to visualising all the statistics corresponding to a particular media stream track.
READ CONFERENCE LOGS Relates to visualising console.logs or errors reported by the endpoint while handling a call or conference.
READ CONFERENCE CSIO STATS Relates to visualising csio-prefixed custom stats.
READ CUSTOM STATS Relates to visualising browser-prefixed or platform-specific custom stats.
READ CONFERENCE AUTOMATIC DIAGNOSIS Relates to the automatically generated insights for a particular call or conference.
READ/WRITE COLLAB NOTES Relates to reading and writing collaboration notes, which allows users to share insights around call quality within the application.


Once you have created a role, you can start assigning them to users within an application or across applications. 

Screenshot 2021-05-07 at 13.23.43

This feature is currently in early access and only available to enterprise customers. If you want early-access to this feature, please reach out to or to your customer Account Executive. In. addition, if you have feedback or ideas for enhancements, do not hesitate to reach-out to us.

This feature was built by Eljas, Paul, Ashutosh, Mihai.

Tags:, Security, dashboard, changelog, privacy