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Optimize Amazon Connect Customer Experiences with New Open-Source Software from

By callstats on May 6, 2019

New open-source software from lets Amazon Connect contact center agents manage call quality in real-time. Agents can verify audio settings, monitor voice levels, run connectivity tests and report issues directly from the Amazon Connect Contact Control Panel.

Any contact center manager will tell you there’s a direct correlation between audio quality and customer satisfaction. Poor voice quality leads to caller frustration and lost business. Yet many contact center agents lack the tools to effectively evaluate call quality.

At, we think contact center operators need to put voice quality indicators directly into agent dialers and CRM interfaces. So, we are introducing new software that lets agents connected to the Amazon Connect service monitor call quality directly from the Contact Control Panel (CCP) . We think these capabilities are fundamental, so we made the software available as open source so anyone can freely use and enhance it. Amazon Connect Dialer Extensions lets agents evaluate network performance in easy-to-understand terms, using simple gauges and meters. Agents can detect and remedy many issues on their own, without involving the support team. The CCP extensions reduce IT help desk burdens and nuisance tickets, while improving agent uptime and productivity.

The software complements’s cloud-based monitoring service. Central support teams can view the same network performance data using the dashboard to assist with more complex problems or to troubleshoot issues spanning multiple agents or sites. Amazon Connect Dialer Extensions Amazon Connect Dialer Extensions adds a number of visual indicators to the Amazon Connect CCP to help agents view and manage the audio quality delivered to customers.

dialer blog diagram 1

Figure: Amazon Connect CCP with Extensions Amazon Connect Dialer Extensions include:

  • A bandwidth meter indicates the agent’s available network capacity, which can directly affect call quality. Similar to a cell phone signal strength meter, the agent can check the bandwidth meter before placing or answering a call. This is especially helpful for agents working from home or abroad over unpredictable internet connections. (The bandwidth meter requires optional smart connectivity test service, which gathers key network performance metrics every 30 seconds).
  • An agent audio level representing the agent’s voice activity. This indicator lets agents quickly verify their microphone is configured, enabled and operating properly before engaging a customer.
  • An agent audio status that indicates if the agent’s microphone has been temporarily disabled via the CCP mute button.
  • A customer audio level reflecting the customer’s voice level for an active call. If the meter depicts an audio signal, but the agent hears no sound, there’s a good chance the agent’s speakers/headset are disabled or misconfigured.

Advanced Configuration Options Simplify Setup and Problem Reporting Amazon Connect Dialer Extensions also extends the CCP settings panel, allowing agents to select their microphone, report a call issue or perform a connectivity test.

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Figure: Amazon Connect CCP Settings Display with Extensions


Reporting a Call Issue

Agents can easily rate calls and provide detailed information to help IT support teams track and diagnose network problems or Amazon Connect service issues. When reporting a call quality problem, the agent can select from a list of the most commonly reported issues or provide a short written description of the problem, as shown below.

Dialer Photo 2019-05-05 12_08Capture5

Figure: Rating Call Quality and Reporting Issues


Testing Connectivity

With’s optional smart connectivity test service, the CCP can display key WebRTC call performance indicators to help agents assess service quality. (Amazon Connect uses WebRTC for the agent leg of customer calls).

The connectivity test provides critical network performance metrics such as round trip time, packet loss and throughput to help agents evaluate anticipated call quality before engaging customers. In addition, a detailed strip chart displays network throughput over an extended period, helping agents correlate performance issues with other network activity. For example, work-from-home agents might discover their performance suffers when their children are watching Netflix or playing games.

The connectivity test is particularly useful when switching network interfaces (e.g. moving from Wi-Fi to 4G). The agent can validate network performance before logging onto Amazon Connect.

The connectivity test results are automatically reported to the dashboard so that IT support teams can help troubleshoot problems and isolate issues.


Dialer Photo 2019-05-05 12_09

Figure: Call Performance Statistics and Throughput Strip Chart


Optimize Call Quality and Improve Customer Experiences with Amazon Connect Dialer Extensions

Poor call quality can impair customer satisfaction and impact your company’s bottom line. Amazon Connect Dialer Extensions lets agents judge voice quality directly from the Amazon Connect Contact Control Panel, helping improve customer interactions and boost contact center performance.

To learn more about how Amazon Connect Dialer Extensions can help you improve customer experiences visit our Amazon Connect Integration web page, access our online demo or download the software from github and try it for yourself in your own Amazon Connect environment. 

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