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How to Create a Business with WebRTC

By callstats on December 24, 2018

WebRTC is expanding into a lot of new verticals. Just a few weeks ago, the W3C released new use cases for WebRTC-NV in the First Public Working Draft. Over the past several months, we have posted multiple blogs dedicated to verticals in real-time communications and WebRTC.

Many of these verticals are emerging interests for the general public, not just WebRTC. Industries like bots, drones, self-driving cars, and personal surveillance are hot topics just starting to take over. In contrast, some long-established industries are making much needed updates through WebRTC, in fields including entertainment, healthcare, education, and contact centers.

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These blog posts bring together relevant information about each vertical and where the industry is at. We give you information like where the industry is at now, what the market size is, how WebRTC and real-time communications are valuable in the industry, where the biggest risks are, and where the industry is going. It’s a comprehensive dive into each vertical, so you can understand how they are using WebRTC and real-time communications to improve their products and services.

How People Use WebRTC and Real-time Communications

Since there are many ways WebRTC and real-time communications are used today, we can separate these verticals into two categories: classical and emerging.

Classical WebRTC Verticals

Team Collaboration

Team collaboration is becoming more complex to keep up with the increasing demands of productive teams. In order to capitalize on this opportunity, developers are turning to WebRTC to create new opportunities in an open source, sky-is-the-limit development environment.


The healthcare industry is finding new ways to advance to make it easier for individuals to get the coverage and support they need. A key to that is using real-time communications and WebRTC to communicate with patients on their terms.

Contact Centers

Call centers are competing for the best customer experience. The customer is king, and that is true more than ever now. Communicating effectively on the customers terms is causing contact centers to shift to WebRTC.


The internet lets people learn anytime, anywhere. It’s a natural fit to use WebRTC to provide online education services that are dynamic and powerful.

Emerging WebRTC Verticals

One-way Conversational Devices

One-way conversational devices have become a household item for all ages. They’ve reached viral popularity, and rely on real-time communications and methods like WebRTC to communicate.


Entertainment is a staple. It’s something we all need to disconnect and relax. To be its best, it needs to be consistent and high-quality, which is a key reason why WebRTC.


Everyday consumers want to protect their homes and keep track of what’s going on in them. Consumer surveillance has become a new safety precaution, and WebRTC provides the confidence and quality they require.


IoT devices spread across games, surveillance, manufacturing, and more. It’s dynamic, and by itself influences many different industries. WebRTC empowers this dynamism.

Personal Communications

Personal communications across channels and the world are more accessible than ever through social media, messaging, and video chat. It needs to be reliable, easy, and quick, which is made even easier to implement with WebRTC.

Self-driving Cars

Emboldened by Tesla and other auto manufacturers, self-driving cars have become a must-have for early adopters and those with long commutes. Not only do they need lots of data, they also need ample communication, which makes WebRTC a great fit for reliable data transfer.


Bots are changing the way businesses interact with their customers. It has never been easier to start a conversation with a customer or prospect. WebRTC allows developers to implement dependable, compelling bots.


Drones have many uses, from government, to business, to consumer. They are able to fly in the air, survey the landscape, capture footage, and communicate data back to a smartphone or server. WebRTC can help make these actions lightweight and steady.

Banking and Insurance

Banking and insurance are huge, money making powerhouses. They are instantiated and solidified in everyday life, but even they need a technological upgrade at times. WebRTC can permit developers to bring ease of use and exciting new features to banking and insurance customers.

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