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How Much Does WebRTC Monitoring Cost? A Breakdown of Prices and Plans

By callstats on August 15, 2019

Every day, someone asks me “exactly how much does a WebRTC monitoring solution cost?” This is a tough question to answer given the breadth of WebRTC applications and businesses we encounter. If you’re a large enterprise operating a WebRTC contact center, you need different capabilities than a small company offering a WebRTC-based distance-learning application, for example. Sure, all customers need to detect and isolate WebRTC problems, but scale, data retention, support and a bunch more factors can drive pricing in different directions. 

In this blog, I’ll try to answer the question by describing the many factors that determine our pricing. No matter what type of business or application you have, this blog should give you a good handle on how much it will cost to monitor it. 

WebRTC Monitoring and Testing Price Models

Our system collects, analyzes and displays two types of data: Metrics collected during a WebRTC call; and events that are reported outside of a WebRTC call. Pricing is based on these two services.

The cost to monitor a WebRTC call is based on the number of user-minutes monitored per month, plus additional services. The diagram below illustrates a simple point-to-point call where both endpoints are monitored for the duration of a 10-minute call. In this example, usage is 2 users x 10 minutes = 20 user-minutes. Usage for a 4-person conference would be 40 user-minutes. 


Pricing diagram


With the introduction of our Smart Connectivity Test (SCT) feature last year and our Amazon Connect Dialer Extensions, WebRTC test use cases are becoming more common. SCT and testing functions in the dialer are priced based on events, or the number of test results reported to our service by the end-user’s computer. For example, a 200-agent contact center configured to test each computer’s network connection once per hour would generate 200 SCT events per hour. 

Monitoring services are purchased through the two pricing plans described in the next section. Events are available as a separate option for both plans at €0.004 per event. 

Choice of Fixed and Custom Price Plans

We offer two different pricing packages that provide a good starting point for the range of business requirements and budget constraints we encounter. Each plan includes a fixed number of user-minutes, plus additional services such as technical support, data retention for a certain period and access to our dashboard for a fixed number of users. 

  • The fixed pricing plan is called Pro Plus, and it meets the needs of customers with moderate traffic demands and less-stringent support requirements.
  • The customizable pricing plan is called Enterprise, and it meets the needs of customers with higher traffic demands and more rigorous support requirements.


Pricing plan comparison

Pro Plus Plan for Development, Pilot and Small-Scale WebRTC Deployments

Our Pro Plus plan costs €1,499 per month (billed annually). It includes 1M user-minutes and a specific set of features. It gives small scale service providers with varying usage a predictable monthly cost. It is aimed at customers such as:

  • Companies developing and testing new WebRTC-based applications and services.
  • Contact centers piloting a WebRTC-based CCaaS.
  • Businesses using WebRTC in non-essential (internal or customer-facing) applications.
  • Small-scale CPaaS, CCaaS, UCaaS providers.

Enterprise Plan for Business-Critical Applications

Our Enterprise plan starts at €4,000 per month. It includes a customizable set of features, and is aimed at customers such as:

  • Enterprise contact centers and other mission-critical applications.
  • CPaaS, CCaaS and UCaaS providers.
  • Web meeting and video conferencing service providers.

If WebRTC is fundamental to your business, and your monthly WebRTC traffic volume exceeds three million user-minutes each month, the Enterprise plan is probably right for you. With the Enterprise plan, our sales professionals work with you to create a plan that meets your specific support requirements and traffic demands. You can get the product features, support commitments and payment terms you need for your business.

Customizable elements of the Enterprise plan include:

  • Monthly minutes - a fixed number of user-minutes included in your monthly subscription fee.
  • Additional minutes - incremental user-minute fees imposed after you reach your monthly limit. 
  • Maximum simultaneous sessions - the maximum number of concurrent monitored WebRTC sessions. 
  • Events - Smart Connectivity Test results, application error logs and user feedback notifications are types of events that can be collected and displayed by the dashboard. Notifications (End of call, hourly and AI) are events that can sent by the dashboard to an external system.
  • Application count - the total number of distinct WebRTC-based applications or services you are monitoring. 
  • user count - the total number of named dashboard users
  • Data retention - how long preserves your statistical data. 
  • Support response time - our response commitments for email and telephone support. We can offer different response times (e.g. 4 hours, 24 hours) for different coverage hours (e.g. standard business hours, extended hours, 24x5).
  • Professional services - we offer analytics as a service, which examines the health of your network and application using our expert data scientists and AI tools.
  • Term - contract duration can range from one to three years, providing predictable, fixed prices.
  • Billing - we offer monthly or annual billing. 
  • Payment method - you can pay by credit card or invoice.

While we try to be completely transparent about pricing, it’s difficult to cover all the parameters that affect our Enterprise fees; Pricing can vary widely depending upon the combination of services selected by the customer. Here are a couple sample quotes to give you a general idea of our pricing:


Monitoring Services Smaller Enterprise Customer Larger Enterprise Customer
Monthly fee €10,000 €35,000
Monthly minutes 5 million 25 million
Max sessions 500 2500
Application count 3 7
User count 5 25
Data retention 1 month 12 months
Support response time during regular business hours 24 hours 4 hours
Support response time outside of regular business hours Next business day 4 hours
Billing Monthly Annually


To illustrate events pricing, we show two example contact centers. Each uses our SCT feature to perform hourly tests of the agent’s network connections. The small enterprise contact center has 2,000 agents while the larger enterprise has 10,000 agents.


Events Services Smaller Enterprise Customer Larger Enterprise Customer
Events/month 320,000 1,200,000
Monthly fee €1,200 €6,400


Note: These sample quotes are for illustrative purposes only. We’ll work with you to price out a custom plan that meets your specific requirements.

For more information on our pricing please contact sales. If it makes sense, our sales professionals can work with you to prepare a custom Enterprise plan tailored to your requirements.

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