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Discover Page: Correlate, Isolate by filtering using additional identifiers

By callstats on March 24, 2021

Earlier this year, we added new identifiers to tag the calls, over the past few months, we have visualised those identifiers in various places described below. This tagging IDs should help you isolate and correlate the issues. 

Conference Details

Conference details page shows what identifiers are associated to which users. On this page you'll notice that the summary area has the aggregated list of identifiers and the participants table has the individual identifiers associated with the participant. For example a call between John from WallCallCorp has a call with Lisa from AcmeIndustries, the  customerIDs from the individual participants will contain the appropriate customerIDs, while the Conference summary table would contain both WallCallCorp and AcmeIndustries in the customerID.

Conference Listing

Conference listing page shows an aggregate listing of the identifiers. The conference listing has the aggregated list of identifiers, for example, if participants from different customerIDs participate in the call, the customerID will contain both values. 


Discover using the new filters

The Filters on the discover page allow you to search by these identifiers, read our earlier blog post on introducing the slicing and dicing of data. This means that you can now tag a participant in the call in myriad of ways, which allows you to then run queries to isolate issues that are plaguing a particular user (userID, localID, username) customer (customerID), tenant (tenantID) or site (siteID), geographic location (country, city), server infrastructure (pbx/server), etc.


Now you can isolate if the bad calls manually, by by filtering with a particular PBX or customer or Site, Or  combined this with our AI answers notifications that notifies you or emergent trends!

The additionalIDs API is described in an earlier blogpost.

Update: blog updated with new screenshots in April.

This feature was built by Karthik, Mihai.

Tags: dashboard, changelog, metadata