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By callstats on November 11, 2015
The year 2015 is the last time Web Summit will be organised in Dublin, next year it will be hosted in Lisbon, Portugal. We sent a one man team to Dublin for three days to speak with the WebRTC-powered startups at the event. Below is Lasse’s report from Web Summit 2015.

For the first day of Web Summit had an Alpha booth in the Builders area of the Royal Dublin Society complex. The area hosted plenty of different types of software products that help running a modern digital business. For example, next to the booth was LiveAgent, a helpdesk and livechat software solution. A really nice bunch of guys from Slovakia with a product that is competing with Zendesk. Another startup in our viscinity in more ways than one, was Contriber from Estonia. Contriber is an online collaboration platform looking to beat Slack. Both of these amazing teams got T-shirts to take home.

At the Web Summit, it was encouraging to see several WebRTC startups. We typically classify WebRTC companies into three categories: WebRTC apps and services, video conferencing, and WebRTC SDK providers.

WebRTC Services

WebRTC apps use video and audio as a feature, i.e., it is integrated into a larger service or app, good examples are healthcare, language learning applications, and team collaboration.

WebRTC in education is all the rage today, there are several startups in the space, e.g., OKpanda, Tus Media, Air Class, etc. At Web Summit, we met another, it connects language-learning students with teachers and native speakers. How do you do? has over 50 000 members talking to each over audio and video, and best yet, the service uses WebRTC!


Yoga has never been more popular than it is today. Just like Yoogaia, Pactster lets people attend yoga classes using their laptops. When compared to Yoogaia, the Pactster team has added a small twist to make the service even better. In addition to the instructor, you can see, through your webcam, how your friends are mastering their yoga poses.


Similar to Meedoc, VideoDoc connects patients with doctors with video calling so patients do not need to leave the comfort of their homes to see a doctor. Fully embracing the paradigm of anywhere, anytime, VideoDoc supports both desktop and mobile platforms. Currently available only in Ireland, VideoDoc is looking to expand to the UK in the near future.

Video Conferencing

Conference calling products are at the core of WebRTC, there are a long list of services out there: Veeting, Rabbit, Jitsi Meet, Wire,,, Kandy,, etc.


eyeson is adding their own flavour to the vast collection of conferencing products. It offers both person-to-person conferences and large-scale broadcasting for webinars, eyeson relies heavily on integrating with social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Xing.

MySecureMeeting (MSM)

Supports businesses of all sizes, MySecureMeeting offers a variety of features and different integration options. Small companies can use the MSM service and large enterprises can build a customized solution using the MSM API.


AhoyRTC runs the AhoyCommunicator, which is a fully fledged web conferencing platform. In addition to web conferencing, the AhoyRTC team builds custom communication services matching customers’ needs.

WebRTC SDK and tools

WebRTC SDK provide tools that benefit the WebRTC ecosystem, they help businesses build real-time communication applications with least amount of effort and make building, debugging and monitoring, deploying, scaling WebRTC apps easier.


Quobis offers featured products for operators, like application servers. It also demonstrated the Sippo Web Collaborator, which is a fully featured web conferencing application. In addition to having its own products, Quobis also provides custom communication solutions by building solutions tailored to varying needs.


Apidaze's offering contains different voice, video and SMS solutions for a variety of use cases, including peer-to-peer video conferencing. While it is similar to Voxbone, Twilio, Plivo, Kazoo, etc, Apidaze also provides a video conferencing product called WebR.TC. at Disrupt London

Web Summit was not the only startup conference that we will be travelling this fall. TechCrunch Disrupt takes place 7th and 8th of December. We have a booth on Monday the 7th at the Startup Alley. If you are in London on Monday the 7th, come meet us and pick up a T-shirt.

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