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By callstats on August 23, 2019

Attention Twilio Flex customers: the Monitoring and Analytics service now supports Twilio Flex cloud contact centers. The same rich dashboard and Smart Connectivity Test features that enterprises rely on to monitor the quality of other leading cloud contact center services is now available for Twilio Flex. Monitoring and Analytics for Twilio Flex is a call quality monitoring service that intelligently tracks and analyzes your Twilio Flex agent communications. It is composed of passive endpoint monitoring and active network testing features that, together, enable enterprise operations teams to rapidly detect audio quality problems and troubleshoot them. 

Twilio customers may ask: “What are the differences between and Twilio Insights?” While the Insights basic features are available free to any Flex customer they provide only limited call summaries presented through a dashboard. Most Twilio customers will consider the Insights Advanced Feature set to get access to time-series metrics, event reports and the API.

At $0.0025 per user-minute, the Advanced Feature set is about 50% higher price than (pricing) and offers fewer capabilities. More importantly, is an independent monitoring service you can rely on to provide unbiased reporting on the performance of your communications services. Advantages Compared to Twilio Flex

Here are the key reasons to use

Independent Monitoring Services - offers a trusted, independent evaluation of a service provider’s performance.

Active Network Testing - Smart Connectivity Test operates in the background, between live calls, to measure an agent’s current network conditions and anticipated WebRTC call quality. It simulates a WebRTC call and reports results to the dashboard, enabling IT teams to troubleshoot remote network problems without affecting contact center operations.

Rich Call Monitoring - collects over 500 metrics from each endpoint in a call every few seconds and applies AI-powered algorithms to rapidly identify potential problems and their root cause. 

Communications problems can occur anytime and anywhere in the network that connects contact center agents to the Twilio cloud service, causing a range of problems, including 1-way audio, echo and drop-outs. As agents increasingly work from home, the quality of network connections becomes increasingly variable and adds potential trouble-spots. When problems occur in any type of network, they can be notoriously difficult to troubleshoot without detailed call data.

The solution embeds monitoring and active testing capabilities into the Twilio Flex agent endpoint, giving contact center managers and engineers detailed visibility into the communications experience. They can rapidly detect communications problems, diagnose the root cause and help agents recover from them.

A comprehensive communications monitoring and analysis platform, captures and analyzes up to 500 metrics every few seconds from the agent endpoint in an active communications session, in real time. It features a dashboard that enables users to quickly visualize communications performance, and artificial intelligence to help identify problems. A drill-down capability allows users to analyze selected calls in detail, and rich reporting functions identify important trends.

Available now, Monitoring and Analytics for Twilio Flex is a highly scalable, resilient and easy-to-deploy, cloud-based service. Enterprises can add the code to their Flex deployment in minutes and begin enjoying complete visibility into agent communications. Learn more on our Twilio Flex integration page.

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