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By callstats on October 31, 2019

We've added new voice communications metrics that are unique to contact centers, enabling you to more easily optimize productivity and performance. Presented in a new page on the dashboard named “contact center operations,” the metrics integrate agent activity data from your cloud contact center provider with WebRTC metrics we gather from agent endpoints to produce a complete view of the voice communications activity occurring in your contact center.

Introducing Operations View

While managing call quality is a vital function in any contact center operations team, it’s certainly not their only responsibility. Operations teams collaborate with the line of business to optimize productivity, ensure the required capacity is available, and much more. This is why we have enhanced our call quality management solution by adding a new contact center operations view. 

Contact center operations view provides a complete view of the voice communications activity in your contact center. It enables you to analyze and optimize call handling performance and productivity. It also provides important business context you can use when triaging call quality problems. 

Operations view integrates agent activity metrics from your cloud contact center provider and correlates them with the WebRTC metrics we gather from agent endpoints. In Amazon Connect contact centers, we access the additional metrics through the Streams API. We visualize the combined metrics using histograms and distributions that enable you to quickly spot trends and identify anomalies.

Operations view is an enhancement we've added to the existing WebRTC monitoring, testing and AI-driven analytics already featured in the product. It provides additional voice communications metrics that are unique to contact centers and it presents them together with relevant contact center data for context that makes it easier for you to manage your operation. 

Improve Call Center Productivity

To help you analyze productivity trends, we aggregate a range of key performance indicators, including active agents, calls/agent, call duration and ringing time. We also visualize the distribution of agent states across any time interval, as shown in the figure below.


Agent Availability Graph Percentage

Prioritize and Accelerate Troubleshooting

When call failures occur, you need to quickly determine who is affected and prioritize your repair efforts accordingly. Because queues typically identify customer populations, we’ve created a call failure tally that is organized by queue name. This enables you to quickly see how a communications issue is affecting specific customer populations. You can also identify when a specific queue is behaving abnormally. 


Contact center mode queues analysis


Keep Tabs on Voice Communications Activity

You can analyze call volume by queue name and call distribution by various types, including inbound/outbound and by completion status (e.g. missed call agent, failed connect agent, failed connect customer). This enables you to spot trends and stay on top of the overall activity in your contact center. 


Contact center mode failed calls distribution

Operations view complements the rich call quality management features in the product. The newly enhanced product delivers unparalleled visibility into contact center voice communications with a comprehensive set of real-time monitoring, WebRTC test and AI-driven analytics capabilities that enable you to improve customer experience, reduce agent downtime and boost operational efficiency.  


Operations view is a standard feature available now for all customers that have enabled Contact Center Mode. There is no extra charge to use operations view. 

New Communications Insights

We’re excited about the new contact center insights offered by operations view. It gives you a unique perspective on the voice communications activity occurring in your contact center that you can use to improve productivity and enhance customer experiences.

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