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Amazon Connect Customers: Optimize Voice Quality and Deliver Better Caller Experiences with new Solution

By callstats on February 21, 2019

We are excited to announce Monitoring and Analytics for Amazon Connect—the first real-time communications management solution specifically designed to intelligently track and analyze call quality in Amazon Connect contact centers. Our brand-new offering builds upon the same field-proven technology trusted by leading brands like Atlassian and RingCentral to ensure high-quality user experiences.

Cloud contact centers like Amazon Connect can help you save money and free up technical staff to focus on more strategic projects that help grow the business. But they can also introduce new challenges for operations teams. When you move communications infrastructure into the cloud you often lose visibility and control over your operating environment.  

While Amazon Connect provides a rich set of tools for tracking contact center business KPIs (queue depths, hold times, abandonment rates, etc.), it provides no mechanisms for monitoring call quality or troubleshooting real-time communications issues. And as every contact center manager knows all too well, poor voice quality can reduce customer satisfaction, tarnish a company’s brand and impact revenues.

Enter The latest offering complements Amazon’s native reporting capabilities, providing full visibility into real-time audio communications sessions. Contact center operations managers can efficiently monitor and troubleshoot WebRTC sessions between agents and Amazon Connect to easily assess call quality, isolate problems and resolve issues. Our AI-driven algorithms automatically identify root causes, helping you save time and effort, and avoid guesswork.

The Monitoring and Analytics for Amazon Connect product combines passive endpoint monitoring with optional active connection testing to help diagnose a wide range of problems, such as network performance constraints, infrastructure (STUN/TURN/ICE) issues, endpoint misconfigurations, and signaling and media protocol incompatibilities.

Our Objective Quality metric provides operations teams an easy way to monitor and measure WebRTC user experiences. Akin to the MOS score used in telephony networks, Objective Quality enables you to monitor and receive alerts on voice media quality problems.

An intuitive user interface and concise dashboard make it simple to spot trends and pinpoint problems. You can monitor inbound and outbound calls, and supervisory sessions at a glance, and easily drill down on issues and analyze sessions using built-in event diagrams, graphs and strip charts. Search and filter features let you quickly hone in on a call by agent ID or caller phone number.

Available now, Monitoring and Analytics for Amazon Connect is a highly scalable, resilient and easy-to-deploy, cloud-based service. The solution has been validated by Amazon Connect, and is an official AWS Advanced Technology Partner.

Soon, we’ll be integrating key Amazon Connect contact center performance metrics like caller queues and agent metrics directly into our dashboard. This real-time-data integration will give operations managers single-pane-of-glass visibility into all call-related data, for even faster and more efficient problem solving.

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