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New identifiers to tag user or customer in callstats

By callstats on November 25, 2020

callstats added new identifiers to better tag your users in a call.

The integration steps are backwards compatible and these identifiers are optional. You will need the updated callstats.min.js (v.3.68 or newer)

List of new identifiers

Sometimes, userID is not sufficient for identifying a user or call in your UCaaS, CCaaS platform, ergo we added the following new identifiers. These are especially useful if you have SSO and want to pass information from the JWT Token into callstats. 

The new identifers are

  • customerID: Customer Identifier identifying the customer. Example, "Acme Pvt Ltd."
  • tenantID: Tenant Identifier identifying the tenant within a customer. Example, "monster".
  • pbxID: PBX Identifier, this can be a numeric or alphanumeric. Example, "acme".
  • pbxExtensionID: PBX Extension Identifier identifies the extension within the PBX. Example, 5625.",

One more thing, we added human readable strings which can be attached to a particular conference. This was a frequent customer request for 8x8 Meet Pro which we launched earlier this year.

  • productName: Human readable  product name. Example, Jitsi.
  • meetingsName: Human readable conference name. Example, "Weekly team Meeting".
  • serverName: Human readable server name instead of using IP addresses to find the server. Example, "jaas-jvb-prod-us-east-121".
let additionalIDs = {
customerID: "walmart",
pbxID: "841341",
pbxExtensionID: "5625",
meetingsName: "Weekly Team Meeting",
tenantID: "monster",
productName: "Slash Desktop",
serverName: "jaas-jvb-prod-us-east-121",

let params = {
siteID: "finland",
additionalIDs: additionalIDs,

let callStats = new callstats();

callStats.initialize(appId, appSecret, "", csInitCallback, null, params);

Give these identifiers a whirl, we look forward to your feedback!

Happy thanksgiving!

Tags: Customer Support, REST API, changelog, integration, metadata