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A Year in Review

By callstats on December 31, 2018

This year has brought us many exciting new updates as a company. We focused on improving three things to bring us together stronger than ever as a company: engaging our community, decreasing time to resolution for your real-time communications problems, and improving our product by honing in on real-time communications issue detection.


We have hired some great new team members, had a fruitful offsite with the team, and made some unique and powerful updates to our service.


Check out our highlights from the past’s been a busy one!

Engaging our Community

We worked to communicate more effectively with the WebRTC and real-time communications communities through REST API updates, new top-level integrations, community events, and a lot of helpful content.

REST API + iOS and Android

We released a multi-part blog series to help you integrate the REST API with your application. The REST API can be used for iOS and Android, which is an exciting 2018 update so you can monitor your mobile applications.

New Integrations with Amazon Connect, Frozen Mountain, and Microsoft

This year we announced two very exciting integrations: Amazon Connect and Frozen Mountain. Our Amazon Connect integration enables you to monitor and analyze the quality of your telephony calls in your contact centers on Amazon Connect. Our Frozen Mountain integration enables you and your team to easily monitor and troubleshoot your voice, video, and data streaming applications.


We are always excited to add to our growing list of integrations, and are happy to be announcing an integration with Microsoft in early January. Making it easier for you to integrate into your application is the first step in making real-time communications smoother and easier.


The Future of WebRTC: Innovative Use Cases of Real-time Audio and Video Communications

Earlier this year, we released The Future of WebRTC: Innovative Use Cases of Real-Time Audio and Video Communications in collaboration with Disruptive Analysis. This white paper delves into the emerging use cases of real-time communications as well as the underlying drivers and motivations in real-time communications. It is a primer to where the industry is headed.


For more information on WebRTC use cases, check out our blog series of five key uses cases of WebRTC.


WebRTC Metrics Report 2018

As we do every year, we released our WebRTC Metrics Report. Our WebRTC Metrics Report gathers real data taken from over a billion data points per month from conferences around the globe. It gives a real picture of how WebRTC is being used, as well as the challenges WebRTC applications face.


Instantaneous Answers: How Uses Artificial Intelligence to Improve Communications

Lastly, we were very proud to release our latest white paper, Instantaneous Answers: How Uses Artificial Intelligence to Improve Communications. This white paper explores how you can use our AI-driven system to build better real-time communication products. It explores our AI-driven system from an engineering perspective to give valuable insights into our process.


WebRTC Verticals

Our WebRTC verticals series took an in-depth view of different industries that use WebRTC to improve their communications. It gave a comprehensive look at classic verticals like team collaboration and contact centers, and newer verticals like self-driving cars and drones.


Real-time Communications Champions

We were thrilled to showcase champions of real-time communications, an ongoing series that shows off the coolest, most impactful members of the real-time communications industry.


Check out all of our white papers available for free download.


Community Events

We attended our fair share of events this year across the globe. We pride ourselves on showing up and contributing to events in a way that not only evangelizes, but also WebRTC and the community. This year, members of our team traveled in Europe to events including Slush, AINet 2018, TPAC, and CommCon. We also had a strong showing in the US at events like Amazon re:Invent, Enterprise Connect, ClueCon, and Kranky Geek.


Expanding our Team

We expanded our business and dashboard teams, with additions to marketing, sales, and engineering. We are excited to be working with so many fresh faces and getting new perspectives from all over the world.


Decreasing Time to Resolution for Your Real-time Communications Problems

We worked tirelessly to add much-needed feature updates to our product, to ensure you were able to resolve your real-time communications issues faster.

Dashboard Home

We also unveiled a new dashboard for called Home, which is more organized so you can more easily track the most important metrics you need to analyze conference quality.


Slice and Dice

Our slice and dice feature, released earlier this year, lets you filter service metrics so you can diagnose call quality quicker and easier. We support nine different filters to help you resolve conference issues as fast as possible.


AI-powered Analytics

Also on the artificial intelligence side, we introduced AI-powered Analytics. These analytics automatically analyze your WebRTC metrics and identify the root cause of trouble to eliminate costly manual data analysis and accelerate time-to-resolution. These AI-powered Analytics are available directly on the dashboard.

Improving our Product by Honing in on Real-time Communications Issue Detection

We improved and added to our detection technology to make sure you are able to detect and resolve issues as soon as possible.


Early in the year, we announced Optimize, our AI-powered product. Optimize provides media and network settings that deliver optimal audio and video quality for each device, connection, media, and network setup. We are able to leverage data from millions of conferences to bring optimal audio and video quality to every interaction.


Objective Quality Updated

We released a new version of our proprietary Objective Quality metric, which helps you evaluate the quality of your conferences. Our new version captures more into interdependable metrics and refines for various content types, like motion and detail capture. It’s been an incredibly useful update for our customers.

Smart Connectivity Test

Last but certainly not least, we released our Smart Connectivity Test. A highly requested dashboard feature based on our Network Test, the Smart Connectivity Test measures anticipated call quality for each infrastructure provider available to the sites and endpoints in your network, so you can configure your WebRTC application to deliver the best possible user experience.

Bonus: Demo All of Our Features Today

In case you haven’t tried yet, we also released the Demo Dashboard, which lets you try out the dashboard in a easy and hassle-free environment. See perfectly clearly the value can bring to your application without spending a dime.


This year was exciting and eventful. Working at a startup, you never know what to expect from the next days work, or week, or month. Similarly, we are eager to see what exactly the next year brings.


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