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5 Reasons Why Contact Center as a Service Providers Use

By callstats on June 7, 2019

Contact center as a service (CCaaS) providers are offering WebRTC-based agent telephony services to simplify their infrastructure and provide customers a flexible, low cost service interface. This communications environment is a critical factor in the over-all customer experience. Recognizing this reality, many forward-thinking CCaaS providers are adopting the WebRTC monitoring and analysis solution. Here are five reasons why:

Reason 1: Deliver better quality services tracks a range of metrics that enable CCaaS providers to optimize their WebRTC infrastructure and deliver quality experiences. We apply machine learning and artificial intelligence to the collected data, enabling us to identify anomalies that affect user experiences.

For example, we monitor round trip time (RTT) for every call, which is directly related to geographic proximity between the WebRTC infrastructure and agents. By analyzing RTT for varying user populations, you can identify the ideal locations for placement of TURN servers.

Network and server capacity also affect service quality. CCaaS providers need to build sufficient capacity to meet demand in each served geography. monitors the key metrics that comprise WebRTC service demand, including number of calls, network throughput and loss. This enables you to size servers and network connections to meet peak demand.

Even with the best planning, configuration changes and simple mistakes can occur, resulting in service quality degradation. Our AI services detect these changes and automatically notify you when they happen. This example is excerpted from a recent blog, AI-Powered Analytics Help Global CPaaS Provider Ward Off Customer Issues: helped a global cloud communications platform provider proactively detect and isolate a critical service issue. Our AI-driven analytics determined users in Asia were connecting to servers in North America, potentially impairing call quality and customer satisfaction. automatically notified the provider of a dramatic fluctuation in round-trip times before customers reported service quality issues.

Reason 2: Improve customer responsiveness

In addition to delivering high quality services, customer responsiveness contributes heavily to the customer experience. And helping you to be more responsive to customers is another area where can help.

Your response time when trouble occurs can make a big impact on customer satisfaction. Our real-time notifications enable administrators to get a jump on trouble. Instead of waiting for customers to report problems, you can begin working the issue when it occurs. In some cases, you may be able to resolve the problem before it is visible to the customer.

“Being able to provide customer support in real time contributes to a great customer UX.”

Jami Morton,

You can underscore your commitment to delivering quality services to customers with proactive reports. We enable CCaaS providers to offer reports on call quality and a range of utilization metrics. Our Objective Quality metric quantifies the audio experience in both directions so that contact center administrators can be confident in their communications services.

Using our Smart Connectivity Test, you can help customers evaluate the capability of their on-site infrastructure to deliver high quality WebRTC sessions. Smart Connectivity Test is an active WebRTC test tool that measures the key network performance factors that determine call quality - throughput, loss and RTT. It enables you to perform site surveys and diagnostic tests valued by contact center customers, especially during their initial migration from on-premises to cloud infrastructure.

Reason 3: Save time saves you valuable time by putting all the information needed to diagnose problems and confirm the health of your network at your fingertips. Our powerful data collection engine creates a comprehensive call log that enables you to look backwards in time to find problem calls and troubleshoot them. This eliminates the delays and trial-and-error typically involved in reproducing problems. This example is excerpted from the case study, Relies on for Insights and Diagnostics:

On receiving a customer complaint, for example a notification that a customer can’t connect to a conference, Jami will request the box ID number and search for it on the dashboard. On the individual conference level page, she typically checks the Automatic Diagnostics window to see if any major issues immediately pop up. If she’s not able to read the situation from Automatic Diagnostics alone, Jami would further investigate user presence graphs and conference graphs.

Our AI algorithms help save man-hours of investigation when trouble occurs. Instead of building and testing hypotheses to find the root cause, our system automatically detects trends, fluctuations and anomalies in critical metrics and notifies you when it has identified the potential root cause. We help you find the proverbial needle in the haystack.

You can also quickly spot trouble using powerful data visualization. Flexible filters enable you to analyze data and zero-in on problems.

Reason 4: Increase business agility

The data insights you get with the service can help CCaaS providers increase business agility. You can analyze trends by customer ID, geography and other factors. The data provides valuable insight into customer adoption, utilization, loading by time of day and day of week and more. Armed with this data, you can plan for infrastructure investments and take steps to minimize customer churn.

Our rich reporting features allow your teams to collaborate more effectively and facilitate escalations with third parties, such as ISPs and CSPs. Reports are available at any level of granularity - from aggregate service level trends to call detail reports. Any user in your organization can annotate reports with free-form text, which facilitates problem resolution across disciplines. This example is excerpted from the case study How RENdez-vous by RENATER Keeps Track of its WebRTC Analytics.

The team usually conducts a weekly app performance analysis using a mix of provided executive summaries and raw dashboard data, as those feed well into dev-ops channels and have made failure detection cycles faster.

Reason 5: Save money

Using, you can save money in human resources, capital and operating expenses.

Our powerful dashboard, drill-down analytics and AI-driven algorithms enable level 1 and 2 support teams to isolate and resolve customer problems with less staff.

When you use, you can eliminate the cost of developing and maintaining custom WebRTC monitoring and troubleshooting tools. For example, it could take as many as five engineers up to one year to write code that pulls client metrics, loads them into a datastore and displays them using an analytics tool like Splunk or ELK. This approach provides a fraction of the functionality offered by and is significantly more expensive. In addition to development costs, you also incur the cost to maintain the tool and run the infrastructure.

“We use because developing your own monitoring tools is just too difficult.”

Emil Ivov, 8x8

Superior Reasoning

Contact center as a service (CCaaS) providers are experiencing rapid adoption of WebRTC as the preferred channel for agent telephony services. However, delivering real time communications over the web can be challenging, leading many CCaaS providers to search for WebRTC monitoring and troubleshooting solutions to help them improve service quality, be responsive to customers when problems occur, save time and money, and improve business agility. is the leading WebRTC monitoring and analysis solution in the industry.

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