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Our 5 Year Code Anniversary - New Products, New Integrations, and New Hires

By callstats on September 3, 2018

Last week, we celebrated our five year code anniversary! September 1st marked five years from when our first line of code was committed - a very important moment for us.

The road has been long, with many highlights, from the exciting announcement of our Series A round to being named a Gartner Cool Vendor.

Over the past year we have changed a lot. We have a ton of new integrations available, have become GDPR-compliant, unveiled our new AI-powered product, Optimize, and have begun hiring remote workers).

Our engineering team has been hard at work updating our dashboard and adding lots of exciting new features. We have worked tirelessly to follow our company mission statement and build:

A world where communication is both frictionless and effortless to set up, operate, and scale.

We continue to implement this idea in our products, our company, and even down to our individual teams. Collaborating with cross-disciplinary teams made up of individuals that can bring their own intriguing and unique points of view is very valuable. Moreover, making sure these individuals can be able to communicate effectively is key.

Since we now have a partially remote team, communication is more important than ever. Our remote team is all over the world: we have six members of our team working remotely. Some are relatively local and still in Finland, while others are as far away as Mexico.

Having remote team members has changed our perspective on communication and the effectiveness of the current real-time communication tools we have available today. It has given us insight into the future of the typical on-site office structure, as well as what tools are really needed to provide a valuable, human connection out of the office.

We will be publishing stories from local and remote teammates on their experiences with remote work and how it has affected our company culture. Stay tuned for our perspective on a new, intriguing way of work.

Interested in improving and impacting the future of real-time communication? We are hiring! Apply on our Career page to join our team.

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